Russia makes list of unfriendly countries; U.S. already included

Moscow will respond to the actions of other countries that considered unfriendly

The government of Russia has begun to form a list of unfriendly countries that already includes the U.S. as RBK reported citing Spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

“As you know, the order of the president was published that includes a number of measures for the fulfillment of already existing federal laws, according to which, countries that declared unfriendly cannot hire the Russian citizens for their diplomatic and consular missions. As you understand and I can confirm it, of course, the U.S. is on the list,” Zakharova informed.

According to her, Moscow will respond to the actions of other countries that considered unfriendly. The issue is about the measures aiming to stop Russia’s development through a policy of deterrence or attempts of isolation.

On April 15, U.S. President Joe Biden signed a decree imposing new sanctions on Russia. They aim over 30 Russian entities and expelled at least 10 Russian officials from America, including intelligence officers and diplomats. Poland supported the decision of the U.S. and handed the Russian Ambassador with a diplomatic note on the declaration of three employees of the Russian Embassy persona non grata.

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  • Hey Maria, it would be a hell of a lot quicker making a list with countries that are friendly to Muscovy, and shorter too.

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    • Not in Europe F1! And very little in the rest of the world either. The list of countries unequivocally opposed to putinaziism is incredibly small.
      Which is why the countries on that ‘white list’; ie those with integrity, need to unite and form a new trade, military and intel-sharing bloc. I usually start with the Five Eyes, but I see that NZ may be kicked out because of the absurd Chicom-grovelling antics of Marxist Jacinda Ardern.
      So there’s a slot available to replace NZ. I am sure we can list the most worthy candidates here.

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      • Russian criteria for an unfriendly nation seems to be any country that kicks out their spies. Another two countries can be added to that list today, Romania and Italy. But we know Russia have double standards in everything, so I doubt we’ll see France and Germany on the list, or Hungary. Just the usual suspects, the Baltics, US, UK, Canada and Poland.

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        • And there you have it: the new Eyes: US/Can/UK/Aus/Pribaltika/Poland/Georgia/Ukraine. Qualifying characteristics for additional members: implacable opposition to putinazi imperialism, commitment to democracy/rule of law and integrity.
          As far as I’m concerned the EU is a quasi-putlerite bloc and Nato also swams with putler quislings.

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          • Canada is penetrated by the KGB and the communists that back Putin are also present in the Ukraine’s security establishment. Russian intel penetration is widespread, and includes the US.

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