MI6 boss: UK warned Putin he would pay ‘huge price’ if he invaded Ukraine

The UK and the US sent a warning to Vladimir Putin that he would pay a “huge price” if Russia invaded Ukraine, according to MI6 boss Richard Moore.

Russia this week pulled back more than 100,000 soldiers that were positioned on the Ukraine border after concerns Putin was about to launch an invasion.

In the first ever interview of a current MI6 chief, Moore, whose codename is C, told Times Radio that Russia was warned there would be a stark response to an invasion of Ukraine from the west.

“The Russians are in absolutely no doubt of where the UK stands on this issue,” he said. 

“And they are in absolutely no doubt of where the Biden administration stands on this issue, because channels are open.”

Moore said Putin’s posturing on the Ukraine border, which was the biggest military buildup by the country since the Cold War, was to deflect from Russia’s poor economic situation.

The MI6 chief said the recent imprisonment of prominent Putin critic Alexei Navalny was another indication the Russian President was worried about his country’s economic position and how it could threaten his grip on power.

“Russia is an objectively declining power economically and demographically,” he said.

“It is an extremely challenged place. And clearly the treatment of Alexei Navalny as we saw with the thousands of protesters on the streets of well — not just Moscow — of a number of cities shows that there is a deal of disaffection with Mr Putin.”

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  • MI5 should say nothing. It is up to their political masters to make statements like this.
    Never let the enemy know what your security services are thinking.

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  • “The Russians are in absolutely no doubt of where the UK stands on this issue,” he said.

    “And they are in absolutely no doubt of where the Biden administration stands on this issue, because channels are open.”

    It’s good that things are happening behind the scenes, hence Putler scuttling away from the Ukrainian border. Instead of saying Putin would pay a huge price if…. We have heard this crap a thousand times. How about putting the huge price on now, and removing it when Putler removes his invaders from Ukraine, including Crimea?

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  • I guess the question remains, what will the Napoleon syndrome infected imp do next to distract his sheep? The economy brought down the Soviet regime and I believe it will bring down the Putin regime too.

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    • It would be nice to know what was said to Putler, instead of keeping it secret.

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      • Absolutely. Its always like that as far back as I can remember. Even during the Bush years the journos had questions but had fun blaming Bush for the secrecy. Then when there is info it almost always comes from the Kremlin first.

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        • The Kremlin have the info ready before any incident takes place. LMAO

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          • I remember when Trump released the recording of the conversation with Zelensky and Putin and RT were completely petrified and of course said it was a bad idea, unprofessional, etc…..
            Even when Tymoshenko returned from Most-kow after Putin shut off the gas to Europe and blamed Ukraine, the media were all over Tymoshenko about what happened and she said to wait for a statement from the Kremlin.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    In general, in light of all the limp-wristed measures taken against Pew-tin and mafia land thus far, measured by the wrongdoings mafia land has done – I will use my right of free thought to doubt anything that our side is saying regarding mafia troop build-up. Maybe the mafiosi only wanted to rattle swords or there are other reasons why they marched their troops to Ukraine’s borders and then march them back home. I find it difficult to believe that the US under Biden and Britain under Johnson could find such strong words (threats) to make the runt retreat.

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    • Money talks, maybe the threat of removal from SWIFT or seizing any Russian assets made shorty blink.

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      • onlyfactsplease

        Maybe. But, so far, everyone failed to do any of that while mafia land was doing real thieving of land and doing real shooting in Donbass. They probably knew all along that mafia land was only rattling a little and now they can do some chest-thumping. Although, what will happen with the Black Sea blockade?

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  • Why would they publish this? It’s totally unprofessional, and in the worst case could backfire. Some assholes can’t keep their fucking mouth shut. If Moore was ruSSian, he already would have fallen out of a window this morning.

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