“The President was shot – the next day the Security Council will be empowered.” Lukashenka will prepare a decree on the emergency transfer of power

Alexander Lukashenko announced that he would sign a decree on the transfer of presidential powers to the Security Council in Belarus in case of an emergency.

“Tell me, if there is no president tomorrow, do you guarantee that everything will be okay? Not. Therefore, in this case, I will sign a decree in the coming days on how the government will be built in Belarus. The President was shot – the next day the Security Council will be empowered, ”BelTA quotes Lukashenka’s statement.

Such a need, Lukashenka believes, is unlikely to come, but one must not lose vigilance. “I have to foresee everything,” he said. The decision to prepare the decree was made long ago, Lukashenka stressed. “And not that I want to give or give something to someone. Guys, this will never happen. I am ready for anything, but only to save my country and yours, ”he added.

On April 18, the Russian FSB and the Belarusian KGB announced that the assassination attempt on Alexander Lukashenko had been averted. Lukashenka publicly accused Belarusian political scientist Alyaksandr Feduta, head of the opposition BPF party Grigory Kastusev and Belarusian lawyer Yury Zenkovich living in the United States of preparing the assassination attempt. According to Lukashenka, the US special services were behind the assassination attempt. Russian President Vladimir Putin also spoke about the thwarted plans to assassinate Lukashenko in his message to the Federal Assembly.

Alexander Lukashenko was once again declared the winner of the presidential election in August 2020. The opposition did not recognize the results of the elections, announcing numerous falsifications. The mass protests that began in Belarus after the elections were violently dispersed. Lukashenka refused to resign.

(C)MEDUZA 2021


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