Kyiv wants Netanyahu to mediate talks with Russia

Kyiv has invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to mediate talks with Moscow, said Ukraine’s Ambassador to Israel Yevgen Korniychuk on the i24NEWS TV channel.

According to the diplomat, this decision was made because Netanyahu is in good relations with both the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, and the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“I am glad to report that the Prime Minister did not say no. He said that he would try to do everything in his power. We are glad that Mr. Netanyahu did not reject this mission, but on the contrary, he demonstrated his interest and desire to help,” the ambassador said.

In his video message, President Volodymyr Zelensky invited Putin to meet in the Donbas.

Putin turned down Zelensky’s offer and suggested meeting in Moscow.

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  • This is not a good move. I would trust Netanyahu one bit, too much Russian money in Israel

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  • I wouldn’t trust Bibi either. As an “ally” of the US, they have to watched like a hawk. Israel tried to sell AWACS to China and di sell the Lavi program to China. The US funded the program, for the most part, and is the reason one chink fighter strongly resembles the F-16.

    No, Bibi is not a trustworthy intermediary.

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  • This would be a gift for putler. Bibi is no more reliable than the frogs and krauts.
    I regret to say that because I am a friend of Israel, but I despise Bibi because he sucks up to the same filth that supplies arms to terror regimes Iran, Syria and their terror proxies Hezbollah.
    Senior members of the British Jewish community will privately admit that there is no trust for putler and that Bibi’s tolerance of the rodent is strategic rather than genuine, but unfortunately the house mag of British Jewry: The Jewish Chronicle, is disgracefully silent about the filthy activities of putlerstan.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    Zelensky again proving his political incompetencey! There are much better people who could function as mediators.

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