Zelensky offered Putin a meeting. What the Kremlin’s reaction says

The first to respond was Sergei Tsekov, a member of the Federation Council from Crimea annexed by Russia. And this is no coincidence

The fact that one of the first Russian newsmakers to react to the latest statements by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and his offer to Vladimir Putin to meet in Donbass turned out to be a member of the Federation Council from Crimea annexed by Russia, Sergei Tsekov, is, I am sure, no coincidence. And not even the desire of Mr. Tsekov to run ahead of the locomotive and make fun of Zelensky’s performance – “acting antics” – even before the statements of the Ukrainian president were officially evaluated in the Kremlin, – Vitaly Portnikov writes for Crimea.Realii .

No, such statements, in my experience, are coordinated by the press services, discussed and thought out. As well as thought over who will make these statements. And the fact that Sergei Tsekov was actually the first Moscow commentator is, I am sure, a well-thought-out intention of the Kremlin propaganda.

I think Tsekov’s words are a signal for the Ukrainian elite. Rather, for that part of it that is still oriented towards Moscow. After all, Tsekov is a former Ukrainian politician who held the highest positions in the power structure of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. Who survived in Ukrainian politics, despite the fact that he was known for his pro-Russian sympathies and was an active participant in the first attempt of the Russian special operation to seize Crimea, which took place in the first half of the 90s and was stopped only after the victory of the pro-Russian candidate Leonid Kuchma in the presidential elections in Ukraine.

Then an illusion arose in the Kremlin that it would be possible to establish control over all of Ukraine, and not just over Crimea. Moscow sacrificed the then President of Crimea, Yuri Meshkov, who had become a political retiree forever. And Tsekov, Meshkov’s associate and competitor, remained to work in the Crimean government – and finished it until 2014, when the opportunity arose to work already in the Russian government.

And the appearance of Tsekov, with his contemptuous comments, is probably another simple reminder from the Kremlin to those in the Ukrainian elite who support the possible expansion of Russia, but at the same time fear its consequences for their personal careers. There is no need to be afraid, nothing bad will happen to you. If you behave correctly, you will move into much more comfortable chairs and gain access to financial flows of a completely different scale. After all, it is clear that it is much more profitable to be a member of the Federation Council than a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada. And what about business? And what about impunity? Indeed, in Russia, there is no NABU, no public opinion. Do what you want! The main thing is not to cross the lines outlined by the ruler, to understand your place in the food chain of corruption.

Simply put, Tsekov is not a newsmaker. He is a model of “success” involving betrayal of his country.

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  1. “Simply put, Tsekov is not a newsmaker. He is a model of “success” involving betrayal of his country.”

    Unfortunately Ukraine is still riddled with scum like this.

    • Approximately 15% of the population love the kremnazi murder gang. 85% don’t. In Britain we have to contend with the fucking Labour Party, Sinn Fein/IRA and the Scottish National Socialist party. Every single one of those bastards want to destroy the kingdom.
      There is another oligarch that hardly features in this site: Rinat Akhmetov. He’s a Volga Tatar; a filthy pro-Russian, unlike the heroic Krym Tatars. He has $12.7bn. He bankrolls the Opposition Bloc, which ought to be renamed the putler jackboot licker party.
      Lock him up and take his cash.

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