Czech Senate urged to terminate friendship treaty with Russia and leave only one Russian diplomat in Prague

The Senate (the upper house of the Czech parliament) called the Vrbetica bombings, which the Czech authorities accused the GRU of organizing , “an act of state terrorism against one EU member state, and therefore against the entire EU.”

67 out of 72 members of the Senate voted for the relevant resolution, the Czech News Agency reports.

The senators also called on the Czech government to break the agreement on friendly relations and cooperation with Russia and reduce the number of employees of the Russian embassy in Prague to one person.

In addition, the members of the Senate called for a discussion of the incident in Vrbetica at the level of the UN Security Council and the governing bodies of NATO and the EU, demand compensation from Russia and exclude Russia from tenders for the construction of nuclear power plants and other critical infrastructure.

Earlier, the Czech government called for similar measures by the Chamber of Deputies (the lower house of the Czech parliament).

Explosions at military depots in Vrbetica occurred in October and December 2014, killing two people.

On April 17, the Czech Republic  accused the  GRU of organizing the bombings and put on the wanted list two alleged intelligence officers, “Alexander Petrov” and “Ruslan Boshirov” (previously the UK accused them of poisoning Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury). According  to the Czech authorities, the explosions were the result of an operation against a Bulgarian arms dealer.

The Czech Republic expelled 18 employees of the Russian Embassy in Prague. Russia called the accusations of involvement in the bombings absurd and expelled 20 Czech diplomats from Moscow. The Czech Republic demanded to return them, threatening to continue the expulsion of diplomatic employees of the Russian Federation in order to bring the staff of the embassies of both countries “into parity in terms of the number of employees.”

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  • “The senators also called on the Czech government to break the agreement on friendly relations and cooperation with Russia and reduce the number of employees of the Russian embassy in Prague to one person.”

    That’s one too many. Kick out the whole spy ring.

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    • I think its comical! Can you imagine trying to run an embassy by yourself? You would be a s busy as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs! You might as well have zero if you have one but the one would either quit or shoot himself, lmao……..

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