Polish Senate adopts resolution in support of Ukraine


The Polish Senate’s commission on foreign affairs and the EU has adopted a resolution condemning Russia’s aggressive actions near Ukraine’s border and expressing support for Kyiv.

According to an Ukrinform correspondent, all senators who took part in the commission meeting voted in favor of the resolution.

The document says that Russia is massing troops along Ukraine’s borders, and every day Ukrainian servicepersons are killed in the east of the country as a result of shelling by Russian forces, as well as armed groups led by Russian officers.

The resolution focuses on the growing militarization of Russia-occupied Crimea, as well as on the increased activity of the Russian fleet in the Black Sea, where “a blockade of the Kerch Strait has been declared, contrary to international law.”

According to the document, further attempts by Russia to escalate tension should be interpreted as “a continuation of the strategy to destabilize Europe.”

In its resolution, the commission recalled that the armed conflict had already claimed the lives of more than 13,000 military and civilians.

“The commission expresses its deep respect for the heroic Ukrainian people, who are defending their independence. […] The commission reaffirms its deep conviction that the Ukrainian people have the right to self-expression, particularly the choice of their strategic orientation and their alliances,” the document reads.

Polish senators stressed that Russia’s activities pose “a threat to security on the European continent and are another attempt to question the principle of inviolability of borders in Europe.”

The Senate commission urged the Russian authorities to “stop further escalation and destabilization in the region” and called on NATO leaders to “start consultations in accordance with Article 4 of the Washington Treaty [consultations on the threat to territorial integrity].”

“Only a firm position by the EU and NATO can prevent military escalation and war,” the resolution reads.

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