“DNR reporter” passes off old coal shed as residential building destroyed by AFU shelling (PHOTO)

Russian propagandist, who called himself “reporter Rudenko”, passed off an old damaged coal shed as a residential building destroyed by the AFU shelling last Sunday. He posted photos, allegedly confirming this fact, on his page in Telegram.

However, the pictures clearly show that the destroyed building is not residential. Rotten frames without glass in the windows glass and a coal pile inside. There are no signs of furniture or any household utensils. Most likely, the “ruined apartment building” was formerly a coal shed. It is impossible to determine the time and reason for its actual destruction from the photographs provided by the “reporter”. There are no traces of shelling, no fragments of ammunition, and no traces of burning either. The dimensions of the building also do not indicate that this is a living accommodation.

However, all of the above did not prevent “reporter Rudenko” from signing his fake as follows: “As a result of the AFU shelling of the outskirts of Horlivka, the village of Kurhanka was hit, where a residential building was damaged. The fire was carried out from 120 mm mortars”.


(c)OSTROV 2021

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