Zelenskyy Links Mobilization Of Russian Troops With Electing Biden As New U.S. President


President Volodymyr Zelenskyy believes that Russia’s mobilization of troops is connected in some way with the election of Joe Biden as the new President of the United States.

He stated this in an interview with the French newspaper Le Figaro, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

Zelenskyy was asked if he believed that Russia’s mobilization of troops was a definite test of Biden.

“In any case, it seems to me that it is somehow connected. I think that everyone in the world is showing their muscles. I would just like it not to be at the expense of Ukraine,” he replied.

Zelenskyy was also asked if Biden would be a better U.S. President for Ukraine than Donald Trump.

He replied that the United States treats Ukraine well and supports it regardless of who the people elected as President are.

“But the relations can be better, deeper, when the presidents have more than an official call… And even more than when the teams are working. When there is “chemistry.” And it does not depend on gender, nor on age. It always depends on your personal attitude to the country,” he said.

In his opinion, Biden knows Ukraine better, because he has been there and understands the “Ukrainian issue” better.

“But you still have to judge by the results. But a result takes some time. When time passes, I will definitely tell which of the US presidents is better for Ukraine,” he said.

Zelenskyy confirmed that he had been waiting for a phone conversation with Biden for a long time, but considers it normal.

“I understand that the United States is a big country and that it has relations, support or difficulties with many countries. I am not saying that we are special and the most important for the United States, but I would very much like it to be so,” he said.

Zelenskyy also confirmed that Russian President Vladimir Putin did not respond to his request for a telephone conversation.

“I requested it when four of our soldiers were killed and two more were wounded. I wanted to talk to Putin. But they did not confirm the conversation – there was no conversation. This, by the way, is an indicator. Because, they ask me if Russia wants to end the war. You can respond with actions: I called – they did not answer,” he said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Zelenskyy believes that Russia expects Ukraine to attack in Donbas, but assures that this will not happen.

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  • Putin is waiting for the smallest mistake made by Ukraine and then move in and take the water supply to occupied Crimea. Maybe Ukraine should play the Moskali game and set landmines for the invaders. I think the good people of Mariupol could use some fireworks as Mr. Clown used to put it.

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