Dear Mister President…


Dear President Volodymyr Zelensky, the situation for Ukraine has become critical. I would like to urge you, despite all political differences, to put the Ukrainian Armed Forces on highest alert, to move all combat-ready troops to Ukraine’s eastern and southern borders, to have maximum tracking of enemy activities and have all air defense systems and radars at maximum capacity. RuSSia might be bluffing, but better safe than sorry. Slava Ukraini!

© 2021 Mike Hilbert

One comment

  • I agree fully Mike.
    Soft hearted people might claim that it will only escalate the tensions but Russia has proven their lack of any sense of civility or willingness to adhere to international law or their own treaty obligations.
    Nor has the West done much to deter Russian aggression.
    putting the Air force and air defenses would be prudent rather than risking them to the very real possibility of a surprise attack.

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