Czech Republic expels 18 Russian embassy staff

22:25, 17 April 2021 – 112UA

The Czech Republic has accused Russian intelligence of being involved in a 2014 explosion at a military ammunition warehouse.

The Czech Republic is to expel 18 Russian diplomats over links to an ammunition depot explosion in 2014, Prime Minister Andrej Babis said according to DW.

Czech intelligence agencies provided clear evidence about the involvement of the officials in the blast that killed two people, Babis said.

He added that the Czech Republic is a sovereign state and must react upon its own intelligence.

Meanwhile, Czech police said they were searching for two individuals in connection with the investigation.

Several explosions shook the Vrbetice ammunition factory, southeast of Prague, on October 16, 2014.

Ukraine expels a senior diplomat from the Russian embassy in Kyiv. He must leave Ukrainian territory within 72 hours starting from April 19. This is stated in the message of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

The corresponding decision was made in connection with the expulsion of the Ukrainian consul in St. Petersburg, Oleksandr Sosonyuk.

“In response to this provocation, the senior diplomat of the Russian Embassy in Kyiv must leave the territory of Ukraine within 72 hours starting from April 19,” the message says.

The diplomatic department of Ukraine expressed a strong protest over the detention of the Ukrainian consul in St. Petersburg.


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