US sanctions could spark Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine, Russian state media claims

The editor in chief of RT, Margarita Simonyan, has warned of a strong Russian response to United States sanctions on the country and the expulsion of ten diplomats

US sanctions on Russia could be met with a full-scale invasion of eastern Ukraine, according to the editor in chief of the Kremlin-funded RT.

On Thursday the United States announced sanctions against Russia and the expulsion of 10 diplomats in retaliation for what Washington says is the Kremlin’s U.S. election interference, a huge cyber attack and other hostile activity.

The action came amid a build-up of Russian troops and armour close to Ukraine’s eastern border and in occupied Crimea.

Margarita Simonyan, RT’s editor in chief who typically takes an aggressive stance when it comes to Ukraine, questioned whether the Russian invasion of Donbass would be considered proportionate.

“Would taking Donbass home be seen as an asymmetric answer…?” she asked of the Ukrainian region which borders Russia.

“And would bringing Donbass home be considered the inevitable answer?”

Her strong words were matched by Maria Zakharova, Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman.

She said: “We have warned the US on numerous occasions of the consequences of their hostile steps, which dangerously raise the degree of confrontation between our countries.”

“The US is not ready to accept the objective reality of a multi-polar world which rules out American hegemony. It prefers sanctions, pressure and meddling in our internal affairs,” she added.

“Such aggressive behaviour will undoubtedly be met with a decisive response.

“A response to the sanctions is unavoidable. Washington must realise that it will have to pay a price for the degradation of bilateral relations.”

“Responsibility for what is going on fully rests with the US.”

The Russian navy has stationed warships and aircraft carriers into the Black Sea

The US measures were announced just two days after President Joe Biden had a first conversation as president with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin and suggested that they hold a summit

Leonid Slutsky, chairman of the Russian parliament’s international affairs committee, said: “It is difficult to talk about the prospects for a meeting between Putin and Biden against the background of new US sanctions.”

US President Joe Biden announced sanctions on Russia (Image: Getty Images)

The move acts to “devalue the constructive tone of this conversation” between the two presidents in their recent phone call, he said.

Yesterday the Mirror reported that Russian forces massing on Ukraine’s border had daubed assault vehicles with ominous “invasion stripes,” heightening fears of all-out war breaking out.

Ukrainian serviceman take part in an exercise back in 2018 (Image: AFP via Getty Images)



  • “Would taking Donbass home be seen as an asymmetric answer…?”

    For a piece of gutter trash like you, yes. Cowards always pick fights with weaker opponents. Your shithole of a country interferes in elections, hacks into US computers, but instead of picking a fight with the country that applied sanctions, and kicked out your spies, you show how tough you are by picking on someone smaller.

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    • Very well put F1. The Armenian nazi Simonyan is part of an elite cadre of uniquely evil people in the puss-filled heart of putinazi politics: putler, Simonyan, Zhirininovsky, Dugin, Lavrov, Kiselyov, piss-cough and Zakharova. All belong in The Hague.

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    • And these ruSSo-Nazis are worried about American hegemony to the point of killing, torturing, kidnapping and invading instead of natural, civilized competition. My God, what century is it in Moskovia?

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  • англійський масон

    Like a petulant child throwing a temper tantrum.

    Putler hasn’t had enough Schoolboy spunk down his throat to keep him happy.

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    • They are certainly using the word “war” very childishly. A couple of days ago they wanted to invade Ukraine again because she was doing some military exercises and today it is because of American sanctions. What will be the next reason to kill? Let’s hope Shorty the Shirtless isn’t served any lukewarm tea he could push the red button or something.

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