In Prague, activists brought to the Russian embassy “naked Putin” on a gold toilet

On one of the posters of activists, there was an inscription: “Murderer, thief, dictator.”

In Prague, on Friday, April 16, members of the Kaputin activist group held a protest near the Russian embassy, ​​which is located on Boris Nemtsov Square . This was reported by Radio Liberty.

During the protest, activists set up a pedestal on which they placed a golden toilet and on which they placed a pre-made doll resembling the undressed Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Thus, the activists decided to pay attention to the aggressive policy of the Kremlin not only towards Ukraine, but also around the world. In particular, the action was directed against the military escalation in eastern Ukraine, the imposition of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine on Czech citizens, and the Kremlin’s restriction of the human rights and freedoms of Russians themselves.

An inscription on one of the posters held by activists: “Murderer, thief, dictator.”

“Recently, Putin’s Russia has been behaving quite aggressively towards Ukraine, and this applies to the whole world. Russian troops on Ukraine’s borders are oppressing the rights of Russians themselves – all in order to stay in power and be able to continue sitting on their golden toilets, “said Otakar Van Hemund , organizer of the action and founder of the Kaputin activist group .

Details of the action were not disclosed until the beginning. About 10 members of the group came to the embassy at 12 o’clock, got gold-painted toilet brushes along with other paraphernalia and attached them to the fence of the Russian embassy.

The action was stopped by the Czech police, as it was not coordinated with the police.

“We were forced to come here by the fact that our communist government, led by the communist prime minister and president, is playing up to Russia and cannot speak out at the international level. So we do it instead of our government in this way. We want to support both free Russians and Czechs, and Ukrainians who are defending Europe against Russian troops, ”added the co-organizer, a member of the Kaputin activist group.

Russia is currently pursuing an active policy of destabilizing Western democracies, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, and the Baltic states. In 2016, the Kremlin tried to interfere in the US presidential election, when Republican Donald Trump won. 

Western intelligence believes that Russian intelligence services are involved in the murder of Putin’s opponent  Alexander Litvinenko , the poisoning of Russian opposition leader  Alexei Navalny , and the assassination attempt on former Russian spy  Sergei Skripal  and his daughter. 

In 2014, Russia occupied Crimea and inspired separatist demonstrations in Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts. In 2014 and 2015, there was a direct military invasion of the Russian army into the territory of Ukraine to provide military assistance to the militants of Donbass. In July 2014, the Russian SAM Buk, which was transferred by the Russians to the territory of the Donetsk region not controlled by Ukraine, destroyed a passenger liner Boeing-777 of Malaysia Airlines. 298 people died.

The Kremlin denies Russia’s involvement in the war in Donbas, calling it a “civil conflict.” Russia continues to fuel the war in Donbass with money and weapons, creating a full-fledged army of Russian military personnel, Russian citizens and local separatists in the occupied areas. More than 13,000 Ukrainian citizens became victims of Russian aggression. Russian propaganda is also actively involved in the war against Ukraine.

In March-April 2021, Russia began to actively draw  troops to the borders of Ukraine , also intensified shelling of the positions of the Armed Forces and Kremlin-controlled ORDLO militants, Ukrainian troops suffered casualties. Russia is increasing its military presence in the occupied Crimea. 

Photo: Radio Liberty



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