Kremlin: Russia prepares to part ways with Visa and Mastercard

Russia is “hedging its risks” in the event of a disconnection from international payment systems, including Visa and Mastercard, said Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

According to him, such a scenario “cannot be ruled out” given the “unfriendly and sometimes even hostile behavior” of Western countries.

“Restrictions on Russia are used by a number of countries that as such an illegal from the international law point of view deterrent for Russia,” Peskov said.

He added that the process had taken an “unpredictable characteristic” and the best way to insure against risks was to create similar systems to “strengthen sovereignty in all sectors of the economy and banking.”

“This process started, you know, when the conversations about Visa and MasterCard first began. Gradually, gradually, not without problems, but the national payment system “Mir” began to be created,” Peskov recalled.

From 2018, all salaries of government employees have been transferred to Mir cards, and the system, according to Peskov, has “strengthened.”

Although “it has not yet been adopted worldwide” and only a few countries in the world support the Russian card (and then at the level of individual banks), “this system will eventually become widespread globally,” Peskov said, adding that “now, no one has doubts.”

Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with IRNA agency that Russia sees the need to switch to national or alternative currencies in settlements with other states and is actively engaged in fazing out Western-controlled payment systems. He stressed that Moscow’s position on Washington’s sanctions policy remains unchanged. Russia will continue to oppose “any unilateral restrictive measures that also hit the least protected segments of the population.”

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  • onlyfactsplease

    Being cut off from international financial system should have occurred already when mafia land stole the Crimea and started the war in Donbass. But, better late than never, I guess.

    “and the system, according to Peskov, has “strengthened.””
    When a Ruskie jerk speaks of “strengthened”, he almost always means the stench has gotten worse.

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  • англійський масон

    mir card will become widely accepted………..Really?
    Every chance it might do, shortly after public murder, full on public sex with chickens and having a shit in a crowded Metro train.

    Getting rid of all visa and mastercards means the average man in the street won’t be able to spend money abroad, so its back to soviet times when ordinary people cannot travel.
    As we all know though thats what the scum want. A return of the soviet lifestyle.
    The thick as pigshit fuckers haven’t realised though that all the tourist money will also disappear. Brainless cunts.

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    • “Russia will continue to oppose “any unilateral restrictive measures that also hit the least protected segments of the population.”

      BS, that is exactly what they have done with their own sanctions. Russians believe pain and sacrifice are a form of patriotism. Not taking a bullet for your neighbor but starving for your Czar. Just look at their travel restrictions as another example. Putin doesn’t want any Russians to see what real civilization looks like, especially the military.

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    • Putin is a Soviet Revanchist. You could also see him as a NeoTsarist. There is little difference from his standpoint.


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