U.S. warships to deploy in Black Sea until May 4

21:59, 09.04.21 – UNIAN

Turkey’s Foreign Ministry says it was informed about the vessels two weeks ago.

Two U.S. warships will pass through the Turkish Straits to be deployed in the Black Sea until May 4.

This was reported by Reuters on April 9.

Turkey’s Foreign Ministry has said it was informed about the vessels two weeks ago.

“A notice was sent to us 15 days ago via diplomatic channels that two U.S. warships would pass to the Black Sea in line with the Montreux Convention. The ships will remain in the Black Sea until May 4,” the ministry said.

U.S. warships in the Black Sea

  • It was reported earlier that the United States was considering sending warships to the Black Sea in the coming weeks to show support for Ukraine, given the information about the build-up of Russian troops near the Ukrainian border.
  • According to an official, the U.S. Navy regularly sends its fleet to the Black Sea, but the deployment of warships will now be a special signal for Moscow.
  • The 1936 Montreux accord gives Turkey control over the Bosphorus and Dardanelles straits, limits access of naval warships and governs foreign cargo ships.

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Read more on UNIAN: https://www.unian.info/world/turkey-u-s-warships-to-deploy-in-black-sea-until-may-4-11383222.html


  • Good. Just as I hoped. I doubt the Moskali can behave until May 4th. The US might as well plan to stay until after the ruSSo-nazis celebrate V-day on the 9th.

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  • Only two and until May 4. Send in the 6th fleet!

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  • This is piss-poor. Are the US reliable allies of Ukraine or not?
    FFS send some real power: a carrier, (cruising somewhere outside the Bosporus) some destroyers in the Black Sea and some air power on Ukraine land.
    Nato we can forget about, but Britain must also contribute and would if asked by Biden (or whoever is running things there).

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    • And once again, the only country putting up any muscle is the USA even though the Horde are in Europe’s backyard. It’s really sad. After what Hitler did to you have you learned nothing?

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      • If asked, the UK always joins in with any US overseas expeditionary project. The exception being Vietnam, which was because Britain had a socialist Labour govt at the time.
        The other exception was Suez in 1956. There was an Anglo-French operation to stop Gamal Nasser from thieving the canal. Our ‘ally’ Eisenhower unbelievably took the side of Nasser!

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    • I agree but the Montreux Treaty will only allow individual ships up to 15k tons and squadrons with a aggerate weight of 30k tons and only for 21 days.
      Turkey is working on the Istanbul canal which will bypass the Bosporus Straight and they claim will by Montreux.

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      • Montreaux should be observed in the same way that putler regards treaties. Especially during time of war.
        Unfortunately the new canal will not be closed to putlerstan.

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        • Agreed, and I believe it was signed before the formation of NATO so it needs an overhaul considering all the Black Sea states are NATO except Georgia and Ukraine. IMO NATO should have free reign there and shouldn’t worry about Moskali whining. That would basically neuter the illegal Black Sea Fleet.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    “Two U.S. warships will pass through the Turkish Straits to be deployed in the Black Sea until May 4.”
    That’s enough to make the Ruskie rust bucket navy to get nervous.

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  • What I would like to see is Biden making a real statement here. Carriers and such are not allowed by the Monteux Treaty but a Ticonderoga class cruiser and three Burkes are allowed. In addition he should deploy several heavy bombers to Romania and load up an armored Battalion from Poland all for “Training”
    That would send the message Putin understands:
    “Ukraine is OURS, Muther Fucka!” (Picture Sam Jackson’s voice.)

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