Kremlin promises to defend residents of Donbas and predicts ‘the end of Ukraine’

Russia will stand up for the residents of the Donbas if it is forced to do so, said Dmitry Kozak, the deputy head of the Russian presidential administration.

The decision, he said, will be made “depending on the scale of the conflict.”

Kozak said that Russia intends to protect Russian citizens in the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, where the Kremlin issues Russian passports en masse.

Back in 2017, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on granting Russian citizenship to the residents of the self-proclaimed republics. Since then, almost half a million people have obtained Russian citizenship.

The escalation of hostilities in the Donbas, where more than 14,000 people have been killed since the conflict began in 2014, “will be the beginning of the end of Ukraine,” Kozak threatened.

Russia, according to him, stands for full openness in the Minsk talks on the Donbas and the publication of relevant documents.

“Ukraine is afraid to reveal its inconsistency. They are afraid to speak publicly,” Kozak said. “We offered an openness and broadcast of the meetings so that everyone could understand what was going on”.

The emergency talks on the situation in the Donbas, held the day before, ended inconclusively, said the head of the Russian delegation, Boris Gryzlov.

Gryzlov laid all responsibility on Kyiv, which, according to him, “blocked without any arguments the constructive and specific mechanism of verification of violations” of the ceasefire.

“The participants of the contact group had hoped that as a result of the meeting concrete steps to implement additional measures would be proposed. However, the four-hour discussion ended inconclusively. Instead, Ukrainian representatives tried to wipe out and distort these measures again,” Gryzlov said.

The Ukrainian side blamed Russia. Kyiv attempted to  adopt a joint statment after the meeting, but the delegation from Moscow “started to pick at all the little things in the wording,” said Oleksiy Arestovich, a spokesman for the Ukrainian delegation to the Trilateral Contact Group on the Donbas.

“We haggled over separate words, punctuation marks. We have indicated that we are ready for a compromise. We offered to put the bureaucracy aside until people on both sides stop dying. Let us, we say, now ensure a ceasefire, as it was in July-August, when the shooting actually stopped almost completely. We asked the Russian side directly: are you interested in preventing people from dying? They say, “Well, we want the parties to implement the agreements”… But we’ve already made a deal. And so, it goes around a circle,” Kommersant quoted Arrestovich as saying.

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  • Another war declaration to Ukraine by Russia!

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  • This is the usual manipulative behaviour by the occupiers. They appear to be attempting to draw Biden (or whoever is actually running things over there) into revealing what sanctions will be inflicted should they launch a further invasion. And as usual the strategy is working well for them. No painful sanctions will be imposed unless there is another land grab. Which means they can carry on their occupation indefinitely without any serious consequences.
    Ukraine’s so-called friends have had seven long years to make Ukraine virtually impregnable from further attack. Instead they have still been left vulnerable.
    No more evil regime than this one has existed since the last nazi dictator.

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    • And things get worse and worse as we wait and continue negotiating with Hitler 2.0. Already, those that were just 11 years old when Yanukobytch ran home to RuSSia are now adults and able to start having their own kids. And the cycle of abuse continues while politicians count their money and their votes.

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  • Are there any hotels in Donbas that Putin can blow up? If not, I’m sure he can blow up a few hospitals or schools to protect these Russians. Putin is good at protecting his own, just follow the trail of dead people, mostly Russians.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    “Russia will stand up for the residents of the Donbas if it is forced to do so…”
    Shit nugget! The only residents left are thugs, thieves, mafiosi and the ones too old to move elsewhere. The only one forcing anyone to do anything is the pedophile midget who forces these thugs, thieves and mafiosi to die and get maimed for his personal benefit.
    It’s mafia land that is dying and it’s not a question of if but when. Even its buddy bat virus land is letting it hang.

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    • Nobody saw this coming did they (huge sarcasm)? Russia dishing out toilet paper passports to Ukrainians, then threatening Ukraine if these “Russians” are attacked.

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