Bloomberg learned about the possible expulsion of Russian intelligence diplomats from the United States. Lavrov responded by saying about the “blunt” line of the United States in relations with Russia

The administration of US President Joe Biden has completed a review of the hostile actions in which Russia is suspected and has prepared a series of retaliatory measures, Bloomberg reported, citing anonymous sources.WHAT HOSTILE ACTIONS?

According to the agency, the United States is considering the expulsion of Russian intelligence officers working under diplomatic cover as a possible measure. One source noted that retaliatory measures would also include sanctions against people close to Russian President Vladimir Putin and organizations involved in meddling in US elections.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, commenting on the Bloomberg message, said that the United States is pursuing a “dead-end, and maybe even blunt” line with respect to Russia. “These actions convince us of only one thing: that we must rely on ourselves,” Lavrov said, quoted by Interfax .

Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov told reporters that the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry “as always marks in his wording.” The unpredictability, aggressiveness, harshness and unfriendliness of the US policy towards our country makes it possible to use virtually any vocabulary in order to describe this policy, ”said Peskov.

On March 17, Joe Biden’s interview with ABC was released. The US President was asked if he considers Vladimir Putin to be a murderer, to which Biden replied in the affirmative: “Yeah, yes, I do.” The next day, Putin  wished  Biden good health and answered him with a childish saying, “Whoever calls his name is called that.

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  • “These actions convince us of only one thing: that we must rely on ourselves,” Lavrov said

    Relying on Putler destroyed the Russian economy, heaped sanctions on Muscovy and made Russia a terrorist state.

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