The Budapest Memorandum must be honoured to the letter.

By Egbert Spang. April 7. 2021

Since imperial times, Russia has been run by a few hundred families: the ‘Siloviki’. They control most of the wealth via a system of cronyism. This system requires the cooperation of civilised democratic countries. These people send their children to school in London, Florida, Switzerland etc. They own multiple $billions worth of property, investment and companies, whose listed directors are cronies and family members of the Siloviki.

Abramovich alone; a right hand man of Putin, has $billions in London, including CFC.

All this money should be seized and paid to the 15,000 families of Ukrainians murdered by Russia. Any remaining cash should be given to the Ukrainian army.

The City of London and Wall St are flooded with Russian money. The ruling elite, oligarchs, organised crime, the spooks and the military bosses are all interchangeable and work as one entity.

The EU and Nato will do nothing to counter Russia because both organisations are crawling with Russia lackeys.

In Europe, only Britain, Poland, Pribaltika, Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia are openly opposed to Russian imperialism.

The Budapest Memorandum required its signatories to honour the integrity of Ukraine and its borders. As of now, all signatories have reneged. Which to be expected from a criminal regime like Russia, but is not expected from the likes of Britain and America.

It is much less costly in blood and treasure to defend land that is under threat than to take back what has already been thieved. The signatories have had seven long years to make Ukraine impregnable from further attack, but they chose to do nothing.

Putin wants Alaska, which also has lots of Russians there. But Alaska is protected; it’s as simple as that.

Britain and America must build permanent air bases and logistical supplies centres throughout Ukraine. They must also install a modern SAM system.

All commercial flights must be banned between Russia, America and Britain. All diplomatic and trade relations must be cancelled.

If the above was implemented, the occupiers would be gone in days rather than weeks.

Wikipedia page on the Siloviki:


  • onlyfactsplease

    Very right! The Ruskie spook could have been ended quickly and long ago by the seizure of all Ruskie assets. But, too many money-hungry varmints in the affected countries have prevented this most effective method from being implemented. Lives don’t matter to this trash. The fates of countries matter just as little. The only thing that matters is the sum in their bank accounts (most often multiple bank accounts).
    Forget the Budapest Memorandum. It was used toilet paper from the very beginning. Ukraine should make efforts to restock its nuclear arsenal at least in part.

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    • Forget the Memorandum? Why? That’s what we’ve been doing since 2014. Why not simply honour our obligations and implement it to the letter?

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      • onlyfactsplease

        Naturally, you are right! And I agree. But, who will honor it at this stage? I’m afraid nobody. The United States maintains that the Memorandum is not legally binding. In retrospect, that’s why it would not be illegal for Ukraine to rebuild its nuclear capabilities. Who knows … maybe this would “force” the signatories to finally act in accordance with the memorandum provisions.

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        • Russia is a defacto nazi state. It is Britain and America’s reneging of Budapest that is the issue. Such behaviour is expected of Russia. 

          I did not say what will happen. Probably none of it will. But I have outlined what should happen if there is any integrity in the world. Because all or even some of the measures outlined would work 100%. 

          If enough influential people lobbied for the above, then it would happen. 

          Syria and Iran are Russian vassals. The west has chosen to let putler prop up Syria’s fascist regime. Israel is not under threat from Russia because a) it is extremely well-protected and b) Netanyahu runs a Russian speaking country that is prepared to allow Russia to do whatever it wants in Syria. 

          If Ukraine was allowed the same level of protection as Israel, there would be no threat from Russia. That is all I am asking for. Israel and piss-ass countries that hate us like Afghanistan, Pakistan etc, get $billions, whilst Ukraine gets a few crumbs from the rich man’s table. 

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          • onlyfactsplease

            If it were up to me, I would fulfill the memorandum’s promises and in addition, I would stop ALL payments and support to every trash country, as those you’ve mentioned and more and this immediately. I would divert a large portion of it to Ukraine instead and I would smash mafia land with crippling sanctions. There is a lot more that I would do that are outside of this discussion, but I think you get the drift. We agree on such matters.

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