Center for Countering Disinformation to protect Ukraine and its allies

At a meeting with the ambassadors of the G7, Finland, Israel, as well as the heads of the EU and NATO missions in Ukraine, Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Yermak presented the work of the Center for Countering Disinformation and discussed opportunities for cooperation in information security.

Yermak said that the idea of creating a Center for Countering Disinformation has been brewing since 2014.

“Unfortunately, Ukraine has really become a testing ground and a center of disinformation, especially on the part of the Russian Federation. And this applies today not only to the events in Donbas and the occupied Crimea but also to almost all spheres of life,” said the Head of the President’s Office.

He introduced to the diplomats the Head of the Center – Polina Lysenko. According to him, the Center has already started its work, develops communication between all government agencies and plans to start coordination with foreign partners.

“I hope that the Center will become not only a Ukrainian center for countering disinformation but also an international one.… We want our counteraction and prevention to protect not only us but also our partners. I think that each country has its own negative experience of disinformation, which is spread by the Russian Federation,” the Head of the Office of the President emphasized.

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksiy Danilov noted that work on countering disinformation had been carried out before, but the President gave it a boost by initiating the creation of a separate institution in the form of the Center for Countering Disinformation.

Polina Lysenko, for her part, spoke about the tasks of the agency under her control, its structure and clearly demonstrated how the disinformation monitoring system will work.

“The purpose of the Center is to emphasize the importance of protecting the information sphere for the national security of Ukraine, to counteract propaganda, destructive disinformation and campaigns, as well as to prevent manipulation of public opinion,” said the Head of the Center.

According to her, the main focus will be on countering the spread of false information on the Internet and fakes in the media.

“We have a large number of information attacks, and in these conditions Ukraine must be ready to defend its sovereignty in this area. The truth will be the main weapon of the Center’s work,” Polina Lysenko stressed.

She expressed hope for effective cooperation with Ukraine’s international partners to draw on their experience.

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  1. Instead of having yet another group that will be proved to be worse than useless, especially one containing Israel. I have a better solution. If all G7 countries, Finland, Israel closed down Russian media, problem solved. It’s a simple solution, but would be very effective.

  2. Let’s face it, folks, there is no real interest for most of those countries to counter mafia land’s propaganda campaign, otherwise, they would have done so already in the seven years that this has been going on in its current intensified form. In this respect, most Western countries are simply too comfy, mushy, gelatine-like fluff.

    • It’s laughable, they talk about protecting Ukraine from propaganda, yet the vilest of the lot, RT is still available in Ukraine. The editor of RT the evil bitch Simonyan, recently proposed Russia annex Donbas, what did the Clown do, Nothing!

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