A family from Vladivostok has been on the waiting list for housing since 1972. Almost 50 years later, the court ordered the mayor’s office to provide her with an apartment

The Leninsky District Court of Vladivostok ordered the city administration to provide the Safonov family with housing, which has been in line for almost 50 years. The court satisfied the corresponding claim of the prosecutor, according to the regional prosecutor’s office.

In 1972, the Safonovs settled on Fontannaya Street in a barrack designed for three families, after which they stood in line to improve their living conditions, VL.ru reports , citing 49-year-old Elena Safonova. According to her, first her parents settled in the barracks, then the woman herself and her younger brother were born. Later, her two sons began to live there.

According to all standards, VL.Ru notes, a family of six was entitled to an apartment with an area of ​​more than 100 square meters. But for almost 50 years, the authorities of Vladivostok could not find an apartment suitable for the area, they say in the prosecutor’s office.

“About seven years ago we were moved to Kirov Street, to a one-room apartment with an area of ​​32 square meters,” said Elena Safonova. After the death of her parents, four live in this apartment: Elena herself, her 46-year-old brother, and her two sons, 26 and 17 years old. “The eldest son sleeps on the floor, my brother is in the kitchen, and the balcony was insulated for the youngest son and a bed was placed there,” says Safonova.

During his lifetime, Safonova’s father, and then the woman herself, complained to the prosecutor’s office about their living conditions. The prosecutor’s office of Vladivostok, during an inspection at the request of Safonova, confirmed that the family has been in line for housing since 1972 as poor. In order to protect the rights of the woman and her family, the prosecutor applied to the court with a claim, which was satisfied in full. According to this decision, the city authorities must provide the family with a 72-meter apartment (for four people).

Elena Safonova says that the family can be allocated either a separate apartment of the required area, or a 40-meter apartment in addition to the one in which they live now. “We, of course, would like to be given an additional apartment, my sons and I would have settled there,” Safonova said. At the same time, a resident of Vladivostok fears that the city authorities may challenge the decision.

(C)MEDUZA 2021

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