A flurry of kremkrapp

6 April 2021

In the current murderous escalation in the Donbas that has been cynically inflicted by Russia, mainstream media worldwide have been yet again acting wittingly or unwittingly as components of the kremlin war machine; constantly referring to Russian occupiers as ‘rebels’, ‘pro-Russian forces’, ‘militants’, ‘proxies’, ‘separatists’ etc, when they are no such thing.

As Glasnost Gone points out in his video, they are nothing but Russian occupiers, with an endless supply of ammo, thousands of pieces of heavy artillery and hundreds of tanks, designed to murder and maim innocent Ukrainians.


The huge circulation Daily Mail (unfortunately the biggest English language news site in the world), has been running a series of articles that simply put the Kremlin’s world view, ie lies, hate, misdirection and trickery. There is even an article today about young models, mainly Ukrainian, who were tricked by Russian scum into posing naked in Dubai; where it is a criminal offence. The comments section is full of trolls sneering at the Ukrainian girls and Ukraine in general.

No mainstream media outlet ever describes the Putin regime for what it actually is : a criminal fascist regime. This despite the fact that it is a textbook definition of one. But they never worry about repeating absurd putinazi lies about Ukraine.

Let us take some of the well known characteristics of a fascist regime:

The Free Dictionary:

‘A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, a capitalist economy subject to stringent governmental controls, violent suppression of the opposition, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.

A political philosophy or movement based on or advocating such a system of government.

Oppressive, dictatorial control.’

If the cap fits…….

The Putin regime is indeed a fascist dictatorship hiding in plain sight. It is using mainstream media as an instrument of its fascist objectives. In May, its dictator will falsely claim the credit for the defeat of Hitler, whilst conveniently omitting to mention that Russia and Germany were allies and kindred spirits. At least until Hitler turned against them.

No one in the civilised world is allowed to glorify Hitler, yet there are no such constraints on those who revere Lenin: a fiend who murdered lots of people and stole lots of land and Stalin: another fiend who murdered lots of people and stole lots of land. The difference between those three and Russia’s current dictator is only the scale of death inflicted.

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