“As a result of the explosion of an unidentified object.” What is known about the death of a boy in the occupied territory

Gala Sklyarevska

Russia once again uses the tragedy for propaganda purposes

On Saturday, April 3, at almost the same time, many Russian media outlets reported about the “death of a child as a result of the actions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces” in Donbass – in all reports, the Armed Forces of Ukraine were named guilty of the tragedy, and the cause of his death was “a homemade device dropped by a drone.” Most of them reported the tragic incident with reference to a report by the so-called “People’s Militia of the DPR”, which was published at 15:38 on April 3. 

The message read: “ Militants of the 59th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, following the initial order of the leader Shapovalov, used an unmanned aerial vehicle equipped with an improvised explosive device. The object for the terrorist act was chosen by the Ukrainian militants in a residential area of ​​the settlement. Aleksandrovskoe, where they dropped an explosive device near the house. At that moment, there were two civilians in the yard. As a result of the criminal actions of Ukrainian militants, a child born in 2016 died. and received injuries of varying severity, a local resident born in 1954, who was taken to the hospital, where she was provided with all the necessary medical care .

It is important to note that the message of “NMDNR” did not say either about the location of the settlement of Aleksandrovskoye, nor about the exact age of the child, nor about his gender – only the accusation against Ukraine, unconfirmed, and the most general information from which little can be understood …

In the Ukrainian segment of the Internet, users wrote that Semyon Pegov (a Russian propagandist working in hot spots, who is associated with the GRU) was the first to report the boy’s death, but this is not the case: his telegram channel   wrote about the “Ukrainian Armed Forces drone” and the death of the child for almost an hour later after publication on all the largest mass media of the Russian Federation. Although Pegov in the telegram channel referred to “his sources”, all other resources quoted the official statement of the “NMDNR”. In addition, Pegov wrote that the child was six years old – discrepancies in age and gender were also in other media.

For example, the RenTV channel reported that a girl had died ; with reference to Ren TV, the Izvestia newspaper reported the same, but then corrected the news. However, the initial message about the death of the girl remained visible in the news url. https://iz.ru/1146309/2021-04-03/v-dnr-nazvali-imia-vinovnogo-v-gibeli-devochki-posle-udara-drona-vsu . Ren-TV has not corrected the news so far – and two days later indicates that the “deceased girl” was four years old, although the news itself gives the year of birth of the child, 2016. The same news about a four-year-old child – and also with an indication of the year of birth – is posted on eadaily.com.


Russian media immediately wrote that the child died near Donetsk: and the media refer to the message of the “People’s Militia”, although there is not a word about Donetsk. For example, about Donetsk in the headlines they write ” Interfax-Russia ” – the news mentions “the western outskirts of Donetsk” and “the village of Aleksandrovka”; “A child died in Donetsk due to an attack by a Ukrainian drone” –  Gazeta.ru  , with almost the same title Lenta.ru  and others. It was about Aleksandrovka, which is really located near Donetsk, but has nothing to do with Aleksandrovsky, which was reported by the “NMDNR”.

Several sources nobly assumed responsibility for the “mistake” in the name of the place where the boy died – for example, the correspondent of the state Russian VGTRK Alexander Sladkov, as well as the telegram channel “Inside Donetsk”, which published the news about the “death of a child near Donetsk “.

REALLY, if you trust the reports of the “official bodies of the DPR”, the child died in the village of Aleksandrovskoe – this is in the south of the Donetsk region, between Uglegorsk and Yenakiyevo. According to various estimates, from the front line to Aleksandrovsky – from 12 to 15 kilometers in a straight line. Ukrainian expert Oleksandr Kovalenko wrote that “the village of Aleksandrovskoye, in which the tragic incident took place, is located in the deepest rear of the occupiers and not a single UAF drone can simply fly there,” and indicated a distance of almost 28 kilometers to the location of the Ukrainian units. Interestingly, the Russian military commander Roman Saponkov wrote that the distance is only 11 kilometers – but even such a distance for a drone, in his opinion, is insurmountable.

Igor Strelkov “intended” 15 kilometers in the same place – and  wrote that it should be “a drone with very good tactical and technical characteristics.” Other propagandists also wrote that it was a “Turkish drone” or that there was a drone, “but how it got there is not clear.” Why send such a drone to the rear, no one explained, but Zakhar Prilepin, who traditionally believes that the Ukrainian army was ordered to “kill one child and one old man a day.”

What happened?

It is still unknown. After the announcement of “NMDNR”, not a single local channel made a report on what happened in Aleksandrovskoye. Moreover, in the final news, for example, the Donetsk channel of the Union TV channel mentioned this event in one single phrase . And in this program they also said that the boy was 6 years old. Also, in passing, the “First Channel” Russia, which at the beginning of this war invented the “crucified boy” , also mentioned this .

Moreover. “DNR head” Denis Pushilin could not clearly name the cause of the child’s death. First, speaking on the same day, on the evening of April 3, in the program with Vladimir Solovyov, Pushilin said that a five-year-old child “died today as a result of an explosion of an unidentified explosive object, but official information will be available following the work of law enforcement agencies”. This was reported by the press service of Pushilin. And she quoted him as saying: “ When there is all the official information, we will definitely publish it. Now we can say that the child died. There is no child. The child was born and died during the war, he simply did not see another life . ” 

Denis Pushilin and Alexander Kotz think very alike

Secondly, here in the video you can hear Pushilin saying to Solovyov: “ With a high probability, it was a drone, but I don’t want to throw facts indiscriminately, it could have been different .” He also did not answer the question about the child’s family.

Who is this boy?

The Ukrainian segment of social media and the Ukrainian media drew attention to the fact that a day later nothing was known either about the family of the deceased child, or about the circumstances of his death. In addition, users noticed that photos of another deceased boy were posted on social networks, attaching his portrait to a message about the tragedy in Aleksandrovskoye – a boy who died in 2014.

After all these publications, on the evening of April 4, propagandist Alexander Kots, who works for the Russian “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, posted a photo of the boy and wrote his name – with reference to his “colleagues” working in Donbass. This “colleague” who first called the boy’s name, some Katya Katina, employee advocacy resource NewsFront. She also went to Aleksandrovskoye to interview an elderly woman, presumably the grandmother of the deceased boy Vlad. It’s completely unclear from the plotwhat exactly happened in the courtyard: the woman’s words are so edited that the viewer can only guess what the woman is talking about. It is only clear that the child died, his leg was torn off – and she blames someone unknown for this – but with the suggestion of Kateryna Katina, a context arises from which it follows that the woman blames the Ukrainians for the death of the child. In addition, it is not clear from the plot if this is the woman who was injured by the explosion. Also, the house was filmed so that neither the explosion site nor any other details are visible – so the video only shows broken glass in the windows and a general view of the village courtyard.

It is also clear from the woman’s words that she had previously given a comment to other journalists and showed them a photo of the boy – today, on April 5, a fragment of the video with the same woman was posted by RIA Novosti. In the video, a woman cries and tells how she saw the dead boy. “ I don’t remember anything else, ” she adds. 

The only resource that gave the boy’s full name, patronymic and surname was the little-known Vashi Novosti, with reference to another Russian propagandist, an employee of the Vzglyad newspaper, Anna Dolgareva. According to her, the boy’s name was Vladislav Sergeevich Shikhov.

Neither Komsomolskaya Pravda, where Kots works, nor Vzglyad, nor even NewsFront published this information at the time of publication of this article. Apart from interviews with my grandmother, there are no interviews yet: neither with relatives, nor with family acquaintances, nor with neighbors.

The same Katina today, April 5, announced that the boy was buried . Tatyana Montyan came to the boy’s funeral : in the video people who came to the funeral tell her that the child died because of the “drone”, but whether they themselves were witnesses of the events, Montyan did not ask them. 

They contradict themselves

The Ukrainian media, including Vesti and Strana , almost immediately, from April 3, began to publish screenshots of comments and messages from users who presented themselves as local residents. Some of them reported that the child did indeed die, but was probably blown up by a shell that was kept in the courtyard of the house, where the adults had brought it during the phase of active hostilities in Donbass – in 2014. Another date is also called – April 2, the day before the message “NM DNR”. Even representatives of local and Russian media have doubts about the official version .  

It remains to add that both the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the speaker of the Ukrainian delegation to the Trilateral Commission for a Peaceful Settlement in Donbass Aleksey Arestovich immediately denied the involvement of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the tragedy. Arestovich added that this could be, given the number of unknowns, a fake. Moreover, the death of the boy is not mentioned in the reports of the separatists themselves. Thus, in the daily summary of ceasefire violations for the period from 03:00 on April 3 to 03:00 on April 4, the “Representation of the Donetsk People’s Republic to the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of Ceasefire and Stabilization on the Line of Contact of the Parties (JCCC)” reported that this day there was one single violation by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And it had nothing to do with Aleksandrovsky in any way.

However, all these inconsistencies, mistakes and lack of investigation of the story about the boy from Aleksandrovskoye do not prevent Russian officials from already “demanding the exclusion of Ukraine from the Council of Europe.” Apparently, thus diverting the attention of the international community from the pulling of troops to the borders of Ukraine and / or justifying their future provocations by “protecting the civilian population”.

MediaSapiens has already written about another tragedy , which was used for propaganda purposes by representatives of the so-called. DPR and RF. After the deaths of children in Zugres in 2014, they have accused and will continue to accuse Ukraine of using cluster bombs and bombing civilians from aircraft – although their own, local investigation has proven that the deaths were not caused by the airstrike. 

Photo: social networks, screenshots of media articles

(c) media.detector


  • So many contradictions by the vermin. Was it a boy, was it a girl? There are two different villages named, two different ages. I guess the author is closer to the truth with this statement.

    Some of them reported that the child did indeed die, but was probably blown up by a shell that was kept in the courtyard of the house, where the adults had brought it during the phase of active hostilities in Donbass – in 2014. Another date is also called – April 2, the day before the message “NM DNR”. .

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    • I knew it was horse hockey as soon as they said the reports were all given immediately, at the same time and on a Saturday.
      BS. Journos are don’t with the propaganda on Fridays and for decades the Kremlin only give their propaganda directives once a week on Mondays. Sometimes news that happens on Fridays doesn’t even get reported until late on Mondays.

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