Joint Statement by the spokespersons for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France and the German Federal Foreign Office on the situation in Ukraine:

France and Germany are concerned by the growing number of ceasefire violations in eastern Ukraine, which come after the situation had stabilised since July 2020. We are closely monitoring the situation and in particular Russian troop movements, and call on all sides to show restraint and to work towards the immediate de-escalation of tensions.

We reaffirm our support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognised borders. As mediators in the Normandy format, France and Germany are continuing their efforts to see the Minsk agreements implemented in full, and regular negotiations are being held to that end.

In this regard, we welcome the extension of the mandate of the OSCE’s Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine (SMM), and call for an end to the restrictions on the mission’s freedom of movement so that it can accomplish its objectives in accordance with its Mandate.



  1. More copy and paste from the Putin appeasers in the EU. They will still be spewing out the same statements when the mafia state are on the Polish border.

    • Re that DM article quoting ‘Pavel Felgenhauer’ (a Russian, despite the name) it comes from Rosbalt News, which I have never heard of. I’ve no idea whether it’s a kremkrapper channel or not, but the article quotes some odd things. The source piece is appearing in news media all over the world. Was it planted by putler’s psyops people? Who knows?
      There is reference to:
      ‘Russia could be planning a ‘Normandy-style landing’ between Odessa and Mykolaiv, he claimed.’
      Now where did he get that from? The word ‘Normandy’ is deliberately inserted to make it appear both huge and heroic. ‘Between Odessa and Mykolaiv’ would be Kobleve; Ukraine’s most important vacation destination for ordinary Ukrainians since the theft of Krym.
      I think this guy should be taken seriously. It’s much less costly in blood and treasure to defend land than take it back once it’s been thieved.

      • Rosbalt is a Russian federal information and analytical agency with headquarters in Moscow and St. Petersburg , representative offices in cities of Russia and neighboring countries.

        In other words, a propaganda outfit controlled by the Kremlin.

        • Ah ha. Good catch F1. In other words, the worlds media have once again been wittingly or unwittingly tricked by kremlin propaganda and lies.
          However, I think the response should still be the same. Call the bastard’s bluff. Put US and UK warplanes on alert and in position. Plus implement the promised ‘sanctions from hell’.

          • This could all be sorted out in less than a week. The Krauts could stop Nord Stream, the US pull Russia out of SWIFT. In fact they should remove Russia from SWIFT now, then tell the terrorists, remove yourself from all of Ukraine, and we will think about readmitting you. We know the solutions, but it’s quite obvious the politicians either don’t know, or don’t want to know.

    • Yes, exactly the same thing they’ve been saying for more than 7 years now. You’d think there would be one journalist in the audience that would point that out. It hasn’t made a bit of difference in 7 years so why would it now? And a follow up could be, “Do you really think after 7 years of bloody occupation that Putin is afraid of your words?”

  2. “France and Germany are concerned by the growing number of ceasefire violations in eastern Ukraine, which come after the situation had stabilised since July 2020.”

    If they were anything like honest, frogland and Germanystan would declare themselves as utter failures. Ukraine should refuse any more talks with these two jellyfish nations involved. Their efforts have created only continued mafia land aggression.

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