Ukraine is ready for any provocations

Zelensky on Russian troops near border: Ukraine is ready for any provocations

Zelensky on Russian troops near border: Ukraine is ready for any provocations

02.04.2021 President Volodymyr Zelensky has said that the so-called “muscle-flexing” in the format of military exercises and possible provocations along the border is a traditional affair of the Russian Federation, which is trying to create an atmosphere of threat and pressure during the peace talks.

The head of state said in a post on his Facebook page that Ukraine was ready for such actions.

“Russian military build-up on the border with Ukraine and muscle-flexing in the form of military exercises and possible provocations along the border is a traditional Russian affair. In this way, it seeks to create an atmosphere of threat and, at the same time, of pressure during the negotiations on the ceasefire and on peace as our value. Our army is not just strength and power; it is also wisdom and balance. Our state is unity. We are always ready for any provocations,” Zelensky said.

He stressed that the escalation in eastern Ukraine had been noticeable since the beginning of this year. According to him, in the first months alone, 20 Ukrainian servicepersons have been killed and 57 have been wounded.

He also noted that sanctions against Viktor Medvedchuk, a “loud and firm” stance on Ukraine’s independence and progress towards peace, as well as unquestioning support from Western partners, irritate the enemy that invaded the Donetsk and Luhansk regions and occupied Crimea.

Zelensky said that Ukraine would like to return to the conditions when the ceasefire was more effective – as of July 27, 2020, when there were ten times fewer wounded and dead for months.

“The peace negotiation process is not easy. But no one hoped it would be easy. It always hurts to lose our people. Every news of death is taken with pain by families, relatives, all Ukrainians and me as president. That is why we do not stop and are agreeing on a truce as the fastest tactical step. Our strategy is definitely peace and the return of our people and territories,” Zelensky said.

The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry warned earlier that the Russian Federation was ready for large-scale provocations against Ukraine.


  • Zel’s production company donated to the Ukrainian army in 2014 and he helped to fund one of the volunteer battalions. He refuses to speak with what he rightly refers to as the ‘puppets’ running the Donetsk and Luhansk occupation zones.
    This little fellow wouldn’t be my first or even third choice to run a country that is being menaced by an evil fascist power, but we must all get behind him at this time.
    Similarly, he needs to reach out to Poro and repair burnt bridges in a united front against both the Medvedchuk fifth column and the putinazi invaders.
    As for Lloyd Austin, he needs to establish a rapid supply chain for urgently needed weapons and armaments to shore up the contact lines.

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    • I accidently upvoted you, but as an act of courtesy i will not cancel it. Zelensky is as dangerous as the invaders themselves. Ukraine needs a leader who does not have any ties to oligarchs and is full of hate for Putin’s administration. Zelensky is a fuck up!

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      • I look at this way: I’m not a fan, but during Ukraine’s time of peril he must be supported. In 3 years, no doubt they will give their verdict on his presidency. I am a big fan of Poro however and I trust his assessment of Zel as absolutely not being a putler shill, despite some very baffling mistakes.
        On the plus side, he has the outstanding Dmytro Kuleba; only 39 yet looking like a statesman. And then you have Oleksiy Danilov, a mature guy with strong views on crooks like Derkach, oligarchs, the fifth column, education reform : specifically making English the official second language etc.
        So there is hope. I will resume criticism of Zel once the current crisis has calmed down. But it hasn’t yet.

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        • Ukraine needs a resolute reformer and patriot, not a half-assed puppet of the oligarchs. Zelensky has betrayed all those who believed in him the day he allowed Kolomoisky back into Ukraine and let slip away the Wagners. He should be honest and resign in favor of a real leader who does not have excuses for things he claims he can’t do, but instead will force things to happen without delay.

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  • I believe this is just chest thumping by Putin, he can’t afford to invade into Ukraine any further. I reckon China fucked his plans up good style. Lavrov’s failed visit to China to get them on their side, by asking the Chinks to come out of SWIFT, and support Russia against US sanctions, was his plan. Had Lavrov succeeded, maybe they would have attempted to grab the canal feeding Crimea, knowing they would have been removed from SWIFT, and probably even more sanctions. Perhaps the US have already warned Muscovy about the penalty for any further incursions, and the subsequent destruction of the Russian economy.

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    • We’re sort of back to square one again! Unfortunately I could not find a record of it the last time I looked, but I can assure you that sometime in (I think) 2015, Obama said that Mariupol was his ‘red line’; ie if they tried to take it again there would be (unspecified) consequences. It seemed to have worked. The putinazis calculated they could hold Krym and Donbas indefinitely, without serious consequences. The latest escalation could be designed to see if that red line still exists.
      The message got through to them that it definitely still does, but it still leaves the fuckers in full control.
      Therefore Biden needs to take actions in response to events that have already taken place, rather than just warn them about what may happen if they do such and such. Time to be pro-active, rather than constantly being reactive.
      It looks like Biden is going to be (wrongly in my view) taking the pressure off putler client Iran. Could that mean he might step up a gear on the putinazis? I wouldn’t bet on it, but you never know.

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    • stanleyankiewicz

      I would almost give my left nut to read the transcript of the call between General Milley and Gerasimov.

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      • Reuters reports it thus :

        ‘Ukraine, Western countries and NATO accuse Russia of sending troops and heavy weapons to prop up separatists. Moscow says it only provides political and humanitarian support to the rebels and says Russians fighting in Ukraine are volunteers.

        Reporting by Vladimir Soldatkin in Moscow, Idrees Ali and Phil Stewart in Washington; Editing by Catherine Evans and Alex Richardson’.

        What are the loyalties of comrade Soldatkin? I wonder?
        Reuters always present info in an absurdly evenhanded way, as if this filthy thug regime has done something, or anything to deserve such respect. Well they haven’t and never will. Just lately, Reuters reports have been perilously close to putler shill articles.
        The first sentence states that Russia is propping up separatists, which is a flat- out lie. The casual reader is meant to assume that there is a civil war going on and Russia supports the ‘rebels’.
        It is this type of lying reporting that has got sympathy for a murderous fascist regime that deserves none whatsoever.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    If the Ukrainian military has the leaders worth the designation, then the country already has done all it can to offer the type of resistance that is appropriate to keep the mafia military at bay. Maybe we’ll see.

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