Russian State-Funded Sputnik News Pulls Out of Britain

Sputnik began broadcasting in Britain from a studio in Edinburgh in August 2016.TASS

Russia’s state-run Sputnik news organization will shut down its British operations five years after opening a bureau in Scotland, the news agency described as a Kremlin propaganda tool announced Friday. 

Sputnik began broadcasting from its Edinburgh studio in August 2016, the same year that U.S. intelligence agencies accused it and the RT news channel of participating in an influence campaign to sway the U.S. presidential election. Members of Scotland’s ruling party criticized its launch as a “tool for disinformation.

Sputnik, which broadcasts in more than 30 languages online, said in a statement that it was moving Britain-based activities to the United States and Russia as part of a reorganization ordered by its Russian parent company.

“The international edition in English will now be handled by the Sputnik offices in Washington and Moscow,” Sputnik said in a statement.

“The coverage of developments in the United Kingdom will continue as normal.”

Britain’s The Times newspaper reported that the abrupt closure came as a surprise to Sputnik’s estimated 20 staffers who will be made formally redundant as of April 5.

It quoted an unnamed source familiar with the situation in Britain as saying that the news agency raised concerns toward the “increasingly hostile” political environment in the UK.

Last year, a British parliamentary report accused the government of “lacking curiosity” regarding alleged Russian influence efforts in the 2016 Brexit referendum.

Sputnik and RT have operated under the state-run Rossiya Segodnya media conglomerate’s umbrella since a 2014 restructuring seen as a Kremlin attempt to further tighten its grip on the media.

The United States in 2018 ordered Sputnik and RT to register as foreign agents under its anti-Nazi propaganda law, prompting Russia to retaliate with a foreign agents law of its own.



  • “It quoted an unnamed source familiar with the situation in Britain as saying that the news agency raised concerns toward the “increasingly hostile” political environment in the UK.”

    You won’t be missed, nor will your filthy pack of lies. I’m surprised the US allowing this garbage into their country, don’t they have enough media publishing BS there.

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    • The problem in the US is the obstinate propaganda coming from the likes of RT and Sputnik aren’t far from the bilge expelled from the NYT, WashPo, CNN and the rest of the copyandpaste socialist parrots on Pelosi’s strings.

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      • It’s a different problem Redders. RaT/sputnik is a component of the putinazi war machine. The outfits you list are commercial entities whose owners choose to promote the cause of the Dems. Of those three, only one is suspect on the Russia front: the NYT, whose terrible history we both know so well. It runs mainly pro-Ukraine articles but has definitely run putler propaganda too. As for the Wapo, it is staunchly pro-Ukr and anti-putler. The only big right wing equivalent; Fox, is much more dangerous, as some of its top presenters are putlerites. The most dangerous by far is Tucker Carlson, but Laura Ingraham is almost as bad. There is a new Conservative outlet : Newsmax, that as far as I can tell so far does not have any putinoid scum on its staff.
        Fox has one guy of quality : Mark Levin. He is just about the only trumpoid that actually hates putler. If you know of another, let me know.

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        • If you feed and house the enemy, you are an enemy too.
          I don’t want to get you started on all the Republicans in the American media that didn’t buy Hillary’s Russia hoax projection and her fake Steele dossier kompromat. I’d rather focus on the real Putin sympathizers and those are the ones who’s ideology is very similar.
          Putin noted before the election:
          “The Democratic Party, he said, is “traditionally closer to liberal values, it is close to the ideas of social democracy,” and these positions could help build contacts with Russia.”

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          • The NYT allowed putler to do some epic trolling. So they have learned nothing from the days of Duranty.
            Putler is a Marxist-Leninist who bolted on nationalism to become a national socialist, like all of his little clique of thieves and murderers. He has got nothing whatsoever to do with social democracy, as that piss-ass writer should have known.
            The overwhelming evidence is that Russia did indeed meddle in 2016 to help Trump. The Feds certainly believe so. Not proved is collusion, but you only have to look at the huge number of Russian agents who were very close to Trump. Stone, Mannafort and Flynn are just the tip of the iceberg. They were all disgracefully pardoned by Trump. The first two share equal responsibility with putler for the death and misery inflicted upon Ukraine.
            There is only one big name Trump supporter who is vocally anti-putler : the excellent Mark Levin. Can you name any more? In contrast I can think of only one putlerite in the Dems: Tulsi Gabbard. Do you know any more?
            The Dems are a mix of liberals and leftists, of which the latter are obviously gaining the upper hand. As a conservative, I have much in common with liberals, because both our traditions believe in freedom. I have nothing whatsoever in common with the left because they are the opposite and believe in big government/state control. The putler-friendly far right are in reality no different from the far left and are to be equally loathed and despised.
            You saw from the Butina scandal how easy it was for a filthy skank like her to penetrate trump lovers and left/lib circles equally. I recommend the podcast : Spy Affair.

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            • You’re right with everything except “helping” Trump get elected. I know there is a lot of evidence showing he tried to help him but as you know most Americans are repulsed by the tiny fuhrer so what do you think their reaction would be?
              “Ok! Putin wants Trump so I guess I will vote for Trump!”?
              Not a chance.
              It reminds me of when bin Laden endorsed John Kerry and look what happened to him.

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              • ‘….but as you know most Americans are repulsed by the tiny fuhrer….’
                If only that were true! Unfortunately it isn’t and that is the problem. As I stated, there is only one big name Trump fan who hates putler. I notice you don’t dispute it, even though I was hoping you would.
                If the public were repulsed by the bastard, they would be repulsed by Trump wouldn’t they? And Tucker Carlson would not be the most popular right wing media star would he? And that very long list of right wing putler lovers in US media and politics that I have given you many times, would not be so popular would they?
                Look at comment sites like disqus: the ones who love Trump are crawling with putler jackboot lickers.
                Readers of the British DM; the biggest English language news site in the world, are pro-Trump and thanks to his praise of the rat; pro-putler.
                I will post an apocalyptic article that quotes a Russian named Pavel Felgenhauer. (Despite the name, he is Russian). Then look at the comments from the trumpoids sneering at Ukraine and egging putler on.

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