President Zelensky, First Lady file asset declarations: Details

Zelensky holds a number of patents for models and inventions, as well as trademark rights.Olena Zelenska's Instagram accountOlena Zelenska’s Instagram account

President Volodymyr Zelensky has submitted an annual declaration of income for 2020.

The relevant data has been posted on the website of the National Agency for Corruption Prevention.

The president’s salary for the year amounted to UAH 336,000, while Olena Zelenska made UAH 952,000 in Kvartal 95 LLC.

Also, the spouses received income from renting out Kvartal’s property, having made UAH 2.4 million.

Volodymyr Zelensky’s overall income in 2020 amounted to UAH 22.7 million.


Zelensky owns a number of apartments and parking spaces in Kyiv, while another apartment is in common ownership with Olena Zelenska. The head of state has also registered the Koncha-Zaspa complex as his place of residence. Olena Zelenska owns real estate in the occupied Crimea’s Black Sea resort city of Yalta.

The Zelensky couple shares the rent of an over 90 sq m UK apartment. Since 2015, the couple has been using an estate in Italy worth UAH 88,589,023.

Precious items

Zelensky filed wrist watches BREGUET, Tag Heuer, and ROLEX; while First Lady declared earrings and rings with diamonds by Graff, as well as Bovet and BREGUET watches.


The president owns a 2016 RANGE ROVER, while his wife owns a 2014 MERCEDES-BENZ S 500 4 MATIC.

Securities and corporate rights

Volodymyr and Olena Zelenskys own bonds worth more than UAH 5 million. Olena Zelenska is listed as a beneficiary at Aldorante Limited (Cyprus), FILM HERITAGE Inc (Belize), and San Tommaso S.R.L. (Italy).

Zelensky also holds patents for utility models and inventions, as well as trademark rights.

In bank accounts, the family keeps UAH 4.7 million, more than US$125,000, and over EUR 10,000.

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    • I thought the ruSSo-invaders tried to make it illegal for Ukrainians to own property in occupied Crimea? So how come someone in the regime doesn’t claim Zelensky’s property in Yalta? Wouldn’t that be the ultimate trophy for them?

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