Khomchak relates details of deathes of four soldiers killed by snipers in Donbas on March 26

Khomchak relates details of deathes of four soldiers killed by snipers in Donbas on March 26

Four Ukrainian soldiers died as a result of the cynical shelling attacks on March 26 by snipers at a demining group of the 143rd Joint Training Center from the Joint Forces Operation staff in the area of Shumy settlement in Donbas, Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Colonel-General Ruslan Khomchak said.

“The demining group of Lieutenant Colonel Koval, consisting of Sergeant Major Brusko, senior soldier Hyshchuk, together with head of the brigade’s engineering service, senior soldier Barnych, was inspecting the area for the presence of mines and their demining from POM-2 antipersonnel mines, which were remotely installed by the Russian occupation forces the day before,” said Khomchak, speaking at an extraordinary meeting of the Verkhovna Rada on Tuesday.

According to him, while performing assignments, senior sergeant Barnych was fatally wounded by a bullet as a result of sniper fire, and group commander Lieutenant Colonel Koval, assisting him and carrying out the evacuation, received a gunshot wound incompatible with life as a result of sniper fire.

He noted that as a result of the shelling attack, Sergeant Major Brusko received severe bullet wounds, senior soldier Hyschuk received moderate wounds.

“Senior sergeant Abramovych and senior soldier Haichenko, who arrived to support a group of servicemen, came under sniper fire and received fatal bullet wounds,” the commander-in-chief said.

He stressed that the command has repeatedly taken measures to cease fire from the enemy by a certain mechanism of interaction between the joint coordination and control center (JCCC) and the OSCE, and decided to open fire in response.

“After opening fire in response, the enemy stopped shelling, which made it possible to provide assistance to the wounded and evacuate the dead,” Khomchak said.

He said that the special cynicism of the actions of the units of the Russian occupation forces is that sniper fire was fired at the backs of the military personnel of the Joint Forces from a critical infrastructure facility – a water pumping station through which water is supplied both to the temporarily occupied territory and to the territory controlled by the government of Ukraine.

“The enemy tried to provoke our troops to fire in response at the pumping station to cause a humanitarian catastrophe in the area of the towns of Toretsk, Horlivka, Pivdenne,” Khomchak said.



  1. That is not a military attack, it is common murder. A savage terror crime committed by hate-spewing nazi fanatics.
    There must be a severe response and this response must be lethal as well as financial. An opportunity for Biden to finally demonstrate his claimed sympathies to Ukraine.

    • I admire you Sir Scradge, you can always find words to say in the face of tragedy. This sort of cynical attack is not done by honorable men but by fascist savages that deserve no quarter. And not a peep from the OSCE, shameful.
      Heroyam Slava~~!!
      Heroyam Slava~~!!
      Heroyam Slava~~!!

      • Well Redders, I assure you I feel the same way when putler’s savages murder a Ukrainian serviceman, servicewoman or civilian man, woman or child, as I did when IRA subhuman savages murdered British or Irish soldiers, policemen or civilians: pain, revulsion, hatred and a burning sense of injustice.
        I lived in London during a time of intense IRA activity and it got pretty close more than a few times. When I was very young, I was walking along Baker St when the IRA committed a particularly savage atrocity. From wiki :
        ‘a bomb exploded underneath a bandstand in Regent’s Park. Thirty Military bandsmen of the Royal Green Jackets were on the stand performing music from Oliver! to a crowd of 120 people.
        It was the first in a series of advertised lunchtime concerts there. Six of the bandsmen were killed outright and the rest were wounded; a seventh died of his wounds. At least eight civilians were also injured. The bomb had been hidden under the stand some time before and triggered by a timer.’
        Some of the military horses were blown up too. I heard the the explosion very clearly. The aftermath was absolutely horrific. Another time, I was sleeping in bed and awoke to a massive ‘THUMP’. I knew what it was immediately. The whole house shook. The IRA had blown up a bridge in Feltham, very near where I lived.
        IRA weapons and explosives were supplied in massive quantities by RussIa via proxies such as Gaddafi.
        Despite that, I grew to like Russia when it seemed to be getting civilised under Yeltsin. I made several business trips there and made friends; some of which I am still in touch with.
        Under putler it all went to shit when he attacked Georgia. Yet I was assured by Russian friends that this really was a one-off and wouldn’t happen again. Call me naive, but I really was shocked and surprised by the 2014 attacks on Ukraine. But I was even more shocked and surprised by the (lack of) response from the west. It was at that point too that I became aware of a phenomenon that I had not even known existed: a large army of trolls appearing in the comments section of mainstream papers (such as the DT) that not only supported putler, but gloated at the murder of Ukrainians too. And then of course politicians and journos of left and right started backing putler. At that point I knew I had to do something in my own small way. I have been a donor to an unofficial Ukr charity ever since. They supply comfort items to the front line, such as toiletries, cigarettes, sweets, preservatives and other comestibles.

        • Bless your heart Scradge. It’s too bad all countries can’t follow a simple, civilized tenet like the Golden Rule that would benefit everyone. Even during a pandemic it took rogue nations about 20 minutes to start scheming and taking advantage of the crisis.
          I was married in Ukraine before the invasion of Georgia so I was not surprised except by the reaction, as you were. The worst for me was listening to Obama while trying to support him when he said, “The days of larger countries invading their neighbors is OVER!” And what did the president of the most powerful nation on earth do to back up this policy?

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