German media sounds alarm over Russian navigation systems installed on Bundeswehr submarines

German Navy submarines use Russian navigation systems produced by the company Transas. The warships were equipped wit these navigation systems during the time of Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder. According to Bild, Russian software has been used on 100 vessels since 2005.

The publication, citing expert assessments, writes that “encryption of data in these systems does not meet the military standards” and the equipment can be used for cyberattacks “potentially resulting in the complete loss of functionality” of ships.

A German Navy official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the military was “certainly concerned that our data could be intercepted by foreign intelligence.”

Since 2018, Thransas is owned by a Finnish company, but one of its defense segments under Russian control. The company supplies the Russian army with combat simulators.

Gerhard Schroeder was Chancellor of Germany from 1998 to 2005. Now, he sits on the board of directors of Russian gas giant Gazprom.

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  1. That was a smart move, buying shit from a non friendly ‘Country’, unless of course the Erics wanted to use the old ‘Navigational equipment error’ excuse at some time.

    A Country renowned the World over for quality machinery and equipment, buys shit from the shittiest shithole in the World?
    What next?
    BMW move to Taiwan?

    • Not only do they skimp on supporting NATO but open gas lines with the enemy, trade with the enemy and allow them to install navigation systems into NATO equipment too? I hope heads will roll but they are very used to Ukraine and Poland being their buffers against Putin’s fascism and aggression.

  2. How much did comrade schroeder get for this little escapade? A seat on the board of Gazprom? What shows German incompetence, it took 15 years to find out the software did not meet military standards. What does herr Merkel say about this?

    Last but not least, the EU want their own army, no doubt run by Russian software, and Kremlin officials.

  3. Last I head, the Kriegsmarine did not have one operational submarine. I wonder if their availability has improved any in the last 5 years.

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