Ukraine conducts military drills with Bayraktar TB2 drones

The Ukrainian Air Force conducted drills using Turkish attack drones Bayraktar TB2. According to the Ukrainian news agency Armyinform, the drones, which took off from the airfield near Mykolaiv, flew towards Tendrovsk Bay, located in the southwestern part of the Black Sea coast. The drones later returned to the same airfield.

“Drones have worked out various training tasks,” the agency said in a statement. It reminded that Tendrovsk bay is often used by Ukrainian military to practice sea landings.

Turkey recently successfully conducted manoeuvres during which, Bayraktar TB2, for the first time, hit a sea target with high-precision munitions. The target was located near the coastline, between small islands.

The target was hit using a laser-guided MAM-L missile built in Turkey.

The Russian newspaper Moskovskij Komsomolets, commenting on the maneuvers, recalled the statement Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev that drones of this type played an “exceptional role” in the victorious war for Nagorno-Karabakh.

In October 2020, Russia said that Kyiv may try to retake the Donbass with the help of Turkish weapons.

Amid the maneuvers of the Ukrainian Air Force, the first prime minister of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Alexander Boroday said in an interview with the URA.RU that members of the Union of Volunteers of Donbass (SDD) are ready to act in case of escalation of the military conflict in the South-East of Ukraine.

The Bayraktar TB2 can carry guided, anti-tank missiles and aircraft bombs. It is equipped with a Rotax 912 internal-combustion engine and its fuselage is made of composite materials. The Bayraktar also uses an automatic take-off and landing system.

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  1. Just a little show for Russia I hope. We saw that Russia had no answer to these drones, whenever Turkey have used them against countries relying on Russian defense weapons.

  2. Erdogan is somewhat drawn to fellow dictator putler, but has always been supportive of Ukraine, both in terms of lobbying for its inclusion into Nato and condemning the occupation of Crimea. Ukraine must exploit its growing political and military ties with Turkey to the absolute maximum. It is in the interests of all parties to drive a wedge between putler and Erdogan.
    Erdogan stated last October that ‘Turkey sees Ukraine as a key country for the establishment of stability, security, peace and prosperity in the region’. He has already provided $36m in military support to Ukraine. He does not maintain such close relations with any other player in the Black Sea region.
    There was some suggestion last year that Turkey may enter a joint contract to build corvettes at Mykolaiv.

  3. Strike drones are changing modern warfare.
    A good example would be Saudi Arabia
    Although militarily inferior to Saudi Arabia, drones have allowed the Houthis to attack anywhere and at any time, including the country’s vital infrastructure in the Gulf and its oil refineries. This has created a deterrence, making it extremely risky for Saudi Arabia to bomb Yemen’s sensitive targets.
    These developments have shown that without serious countermeasures, counter-systems, and training, even these relatively unsophisticated capabilities can exert significant effects and damage.

    • Hi Stanners. There is an article in today’s DT about the current military capabilities of the Chicoms and putlerstanis. I will post it here as soon as I get time.

      • Great,I look forward to reading it.
        Maybe someone can post a very interesting piece from 60 minutes from last night which basically showed that the Chinese bat virus originated from the Wuhan laboratory.

  4. “…Russia said that Kyiv may try to retake the Donbass with the help of Turkish weapons.”
    What a stupid statement. Don’t the mafiosi know that this drone is the only Turkish-made weapon that Ukraine has?

    • I don’t think that drones are the only Turkish made weapons in Ukraine.
      I think that a deal was recently signed for 4 Turkish stealth Corvettes.Ukraine and Turkey signed the Memorandum of Cooperation that stipulates mutually beneficial cooperation in development and production of aviation equipment and ground systems for the armed forces of both countries.
      I suspect that it is the drones that scares them the most.

      • This is true; such a deal had been signed. But, the vessels are not yet available. Also, I doubt that mafia land will fear a handful of corvettes even if they are as stealthy as claimed. They would be of limited used in land warfare. And, with mafia land’s utter naval superiority, Ukraine would soon lose every ship to enemy action. Their only hope would be to take down as many mafia vessels as possible in the process.

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