Alexey Navalny received six reprimands in two weeks in the colony

For two weeks in correctional colony number 2 in the Vladimir region, Alexei Navalny has already received six reprimands, according to a post published on behalf of the politician on his Facebook.

“You get two reprimands and you can go to the  punishment cell , but this is an unpleasant thing, the conditions there are close to torture,” the publication says.

The post lists some of the reasons for the reprimand, including: “got out of bed 10 minutes before the ‘get up’ team” and “wore a T-shirt at the meeting with the lawyers.”

Correctional colony No. 2 in Pokrov is the so-called red colony, that is, a correctional institution in which the administration fully controls the prisoners.

On March 25, Navalny’s lawyers reported that the politician’s health condition in the colony had deteriorated – his back and then his leg ached, but he was not provided with the necessary medical assistance. The FSIN, in turn, announced that Navalny’s state of health “is assessed as stable and satisfactory.” 

Navalny also complained that he, as in the pre-trial detention center, received the status of “prone to escape”, was woken up every hour at night, which is torture.

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  1. I feel bad for him but love his love and determination , hope he dont meet Boris Nemtsov anytime soon .

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