Russian doctors in an open letter demanded immediate medical assistance to Alexei Navalny

More than two dozen Russian doctors in an open letter demanded immediate medical assistance to the politician Alexei Navalny, who is imprisoned in a colony in Pokrov. The text of the letter is quoted by The Insider.

The authors of the letter expressed the opinion that the pains that Navalny complains may be a complication after his poisoning by Novichok or a newly developed disease against the background of an incomplete rehabilitation period. 

Without the results of an MRI scan and examination, it is impossible to make a diagnosis, but judging by information from open sources, we fear the worst. Leaving a patient in this state without help, perhaps even surgical, can lead to the development of severe consequences, including irreversible, complete or partial, loss of functions of the lower extremities. We also believe that the failure to apply adequate pain relief measures to a prisoner with acute pain in such a situation is not only a violation of his rights, but also deliberate torture.

The signatories demanded that the FSIN and the political leadership of Russia provide Navalny with the necessary assistance and allow him to be examined by civilian specialists. 

Several days ago, Navalny’s lawyers reported that during his time in prison, his health deteriorated – first, his back ached, then his leg. The politician himself said that it was “hard and very painful for him to get out of bed,” and that the administration of the colony did not react in any way to his complaints, and the local doctor prescribed him only ibuprofen. 

Members of the POC of the Vladimir region, who visited Navalny in the colony, said that he complains of pain in his leg, but continues to walk on his own. According to them, the politician asked them to assist in receiving injections to relieve pain. “No other wishes were expressed,” the PMC stressed. 

The FSIN argued that Navalny’s state of health was “assessed as stable and satisfactory.” 

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