MFA to grant “honorary ambassador” title to promoters of Ukraine all around the world

Ukraine will grant the “Honorary Ambassador” title to legal entities and individuals, including Ukrainian and foreign citizens, that promote Ukraine throughout the world.

“For the first time since Ukraine’s independence and the creation of diplomacy of a modern independent state, the Foreign Ministry introduces the title of “honorary ambassador” which will be awarded to advocates and promoters of Ukraine in the world,” Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba announced at an online briefing on Friday.

“We will reward and thus distinguish and motivate people who most actively promote and protect the interests of Ukraine in the world, without belonging to the system of state bodies of Ukraine or other countries; who helps promote Ukraine and everything Ukrainian,” the Minister said.

The diplomat added that the title of Honorary Ambassador of Ukraine would be the highest award regarding public diplomacy.

According to Kuleba, the award will be given to individuals and legal entities, Ukrainian and foreign citizens who promote a “positive image” of Ukraine in the world.

Apart from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ukrainian embassies abroad, organizations of Ukrainians living abroad and any NGO with expertise in the field of international relations will also be able to nominate candidates for this title.


The MFA has also adopted a five-year Public Diplomacy Strategy on Friday, which sets forth seven areas of activity to promote a positive image of the state.

“This week, at a meeting of the board, the Public Diplomacy Strategy was adopted. It is a thorough document, which is adopted for the first time in the history of Ukraine. The strategy was adopted for five years. We will develop a positive image of Ukraine abroad and communicate with partners based on it. For the first time in Ukraine, we officially set forth and define seven areas of public diplomacy: cultural, expert, economic, culinary, digital, scientific, educational and sports,” Kuleba explained.

He added that the strategy determined five principles on which public diplomacy would be pursued: project management, innovation, respect for cultural diversity, human-oriented approach and responsibility.

The adoption of the Public Diplomacy Strategy changes fundamentally three things according to the Minister: “For the first time, a single document systematizes to whom, when and how Ukraine will deliver key messages. For the first time, we will strengthen Ukraine’s reputation in the world not point by point, but systematically, consistently and holistically… For the first time, we introduce five-year planning as the Strategy sets clear and measurable goals and objectives for 2021-2025.”

As noted, the strategy is being proceeded on the “Ukraine NOW” national brand.



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