Large convoy of Russian military equipment enters Donbas

A large convoy military equipment entered the Donbas from Russia, reported the separatist Telegram channel “Chetkiy Luhansk”,

According to the channel, the convoy entered the Donbas on the night of March 28 through Gukovo border crossing on the stretch of the border which is not controlled by Ukraine.

“A convoy of mixed military equipment arrived last night from the side of Gukovo. Russia’s assistance to the Army of the Republic! New BMP, MT-LB, APC and a lot of wheeled equipment,185 units in total. But the most important thing is that Russia has finally provided the Army of the Republic with 4 152-millimeter self-propelled guns Koalitsiya-SV which have another name, Bastion. This is the most powerful self-propelled gun on the KamAz chassis. Ukry [Ukrainians] will soon feel the power of Koalitsiya,” the channel wrote.

Koalitsiya is 152 mm artillery systems capable of striking at a distance of 80 km.

Koalitsiya was first presented only in 2015 at a military parade in Moscow. In December 2019, it was reported that the first batch of these artillery systems was sent to the Russian troops for experimental tests.

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  1. If they think they can brush off any feeble western response, they will push further and steal more land. Which will involve yet more mass murder of Ukrainians, which is no laughing matter.
    This could well be a psyop, but it really requires a response, eg many thousands more javelins and some heavy artillery. I read that the US has 500 upgraded M109’s currently in storage. How about sending a stash of them?

  2. “A convoy of mixed military equipment arrived last night from the side of Gukovo.”
    This is proof that the uncountable dialogues by Western jellyfish are bearing fruit … for mafia land. They know very well by now that such actions by them will at most provoke even more tired and lifeless dialogue.

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