A student from Moscow was hospitalized with frostbite. There she was tied to a bed, and then transferred to a psychiatric hospital Parents are sure that the doctors tried to hide the error in treatment

Kristina Kravtsova was hospitalized with frostbite – she probably lost consciousness on the street. Then she was suddenly transferred to a mental hospital

On the morning of March 10, 20-year-old sophomore of the First Medical University named after Sechenov Kristina Kravtsova left home for a seminar on pathology. At about 1:20 pm, the girl wrote to her parents that she was going home, but on the way she would go to the store.

Later, the girl stopped communicating. At about 6 pm Kravtsova’s parents began to worry, and after 11 pm they called the police and the Lisa Alert search unit. Around midnight, the girl was found – she, asking for help on the street, was noticed by a taxi driver and drove home.

“We urgently returned home from her search, and when examining our daughter, we saw traces of frostbite of hands and feet – they turned black and did not move. She was in a semi-fainting state from hypothermia, and could hardly speak, “Kravtsova’s mother Nadezhda explained to MBH Media.

There were no physical injuries on the girl’s body, the smell of alcohol was not felt. Parents decided that Christina for some reason passed out on the street. An ambulance was called for the girl, she was hospitalized with a diagnosis of frostbite in the city hospital No. 17.

The next day, in one of the messages, the girl wrote to her parents that she was scared and wanted to go home. She was reassured, and Christina reported that she felt better, and her fingers began to move.

However, on March 12, the doctors called the girl’s parents and said that she was in intensive care. He added that the night before, Kravtsova tried to leave the hospital, but they managed to restrain her – although the girl allegedly escaped and even bit someone. The parents were told that because of this, the doctors called the psychiatric team and now Christina is tied to the bed. At the same time, Kravtsova’s parents emphasize that they have at their disposal an audio recording of Christina’s communication with a psychiatrist, and on it the girl communicates with the doctor absolutely adequately (Kravtsova herself sent the recording to her parents).

On the morning of March 13, close girls phoned the doctor on duty at the hospital’s intensive care unit. He said that Kravtsova’s mental state had deteriorated sharply, she was strapped to the bed and woke up only to eat. Parents were not allowed to see the girl. They, in turn, wrote to the police a statement about the illegal detention of a person in the hospital.

Later that day, the Kravtsova family was informed that the girl had been diagnosed with acute polymorphic mental disorder . And on March 14, Kravtsova was transferred to the Alekseev psychiatric hospital. At the same time, the doctors held a commission and made a decision on the compulsory hospitalization of Kravtsova due to the fact that her mental state is “in an acute stage.” The next day, the court also made a decision on involuntary hospitalization – the meeting was mobile, it took place right in the hospital.

On March 18, the parents managed to get in touch with Christina via video link. In a conversation with the correspondent of “Snob”, the student’s mother noted that this was achieved with difficulty: “We were constantly told that she was asleep and could not speak.” She stressed that now it is difficult for the girl to speak – most likely, because of the drugs taken in the hospital. At the same time, Christina’s fingers are already healing – nothing threatens her health in this part.

The girl’s parents believe that doctors are trying to hide the error in treatment. The health department says everything is by the law

Kristina Kravtsova ‘s parents emphasize that she has never had mental problems, and they suspect that by transferring the girl to a psychiatric hospital, doctors are trying to hide a medical error. It was because of her, according to the family, that the student’s condition deteriorated sharply, and she ended up in intensive care.

The lawyer of the Kravtsova family, Dmitry Dzhulai, said that he would appeal the court decision on involuntary hospitalization and seek an independent psychiatric examination.

The Moscow health department, in turn, indicated that initially, when Kravtsova was admitted to hospital No. 17, they provided all the necessary assistance and there were no medical errors. Moreover, the department said that the doctors did not hold the girl, but discharged her for outpatient supervision – the Kravtsova family denies this. At the same time, the department stressed, the student was transferred to a psychiatric hospital by a court decision. They added that information about the diagnosis and treatment “can be transmitted only with the written consent of the citizen or his legal representative.”

Dmitry Dzhulai emphasizes that the family does not agree with this position: “From the intensive care unit, Christina was sent to the psychiatric clinical hospital No. 1. Probably to hide her there until the side effects from improper treatment disappeared … It is obvious that the Moscow health department is trying to present a picture in a favorable light for officials and to cover up the doctors of the City Clinical Hospital No. 17, otherwise what is the point of placing an absolutely healthy girl in a psychiatric hospital and pumping her with drugs?

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