In major escalation, four Ukrainian soldiers killed in enemy attack in Donbas

Fire exchange is ongoing, the report says.Photo from UNIANPhoto from UNIAN

Russia-controlled armed groups in eastern Ukraine’s warzone today, March 26, resorted to a targeted shelling of Ukrainian positions, killing four servicemen with the Joint Forces and injuring another two.

Joint Forces Operation HQ reported on Facebook that the invaders had mortared the Ukrainian military with 82mm shells, also employing automatic grenade launchers and heavy machine guns near the village of Shumy, in the zone of ​​responsibility of the Pivnich [North] tactical grouping.

“In that shelling, four servicemen with the Joint Forces were killed and two were injured. The injured soldiers were promptly provided first aid and evacuated to a hospital,” the report says.

Ukrainian defenders returned fire to the said attack by Russian occupation forces, JFO HW stressed, adding that Ukraine military officials, through the Joint Center for Ceasefire Control and Coordination have briefed OSCE monitors of the Russian shelling.

War reporter Andriy Tsaplienko reported via a social network that the battle is still ongoing.

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  1. Володимир Зеленський
    The price of war is the lives of our people. Courageous and unconquered. Today we lost 4 defenders of Ukraine again. Sincere condolences. I urge all #N4 leaders and partners to do their utmost to preserve a full and comprehensive ceasefire.
    7:19 PM · Mar 26, 2021

    • This violent attack on Ukraine happened exactly where that caravan of Moskali tanks went a few days ago. I guess we knew it was coming. I remember commenting that I hoped we had some javelins in Toretsk to scrap the Moskali tanks.

  2. So sorry for the loved ones who must now have to learn to live with terrible pain for so long.
    Evil continues to prosper. The time is well overdue for Ukraine to have peace, wealth and happiness, free from the cancer of putinazi imperialism.

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