Belarus removed from participation in Eurovision

The European Broadcasting Union, the organizer of the Eurovision Song Contest, suspended Belarus from participation because of the song of the Galasy ZMesta group, which was supposed to represent the country in May 2021.

In the message of the organizers of the Eurovision Song Contest it is said that on March 11 they offered Belarus to change the song or send another one to the competition, since the composition “I will teach you” by the group “Galasy ZMesta” has a political connotation.

As a result, the representatives of Belarus presented a new song by the same performers, which, according to the broadcasting union, also violates the rules of the competition.

The group “Galasy ZMesta” in its songs speaks out against the Belarusian opposition and protest actions. In the Belarusian pro-government media, her work was called “folk satire”. The chorus of the first song, which the group planned to perform at Eurovision, sounds like this: “I will teach you to dance to the tune, / I will teach you to peck the bait, / I will teach you to walk along the line, / You will be happy with everything, glad to everything.”

(C)MEDUZA 2021

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