Is the kremlin preparing a new war against Ukraine?

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  1. There is an excellent moderator: Volodymir Yermolenko.
    At the beginning of the video is a clip of an exceptionally poisonous putinazi propagandist named Vladimir Solovyov, appearing on mainstream Russian TV. UkraineWorld inserted subtitles, so you can experience the intense hatred coming out of this evil creep. He speaks about an (entirely invented by him) alleged pending plan by Ukraine to retake Donbas and the necessity for Russia to start bombing Ukrainian cities. This could be the start of a new narrative to prepare the Russian people for new attacks on Ukraine. Or it could be bullshit. We just don’t know.
    If you don’t have time to watch the full 1.5 hours, at least pay attention to the words of an elderly lady called Galina Ackerman. Her contribution can be found at the 19.50 minutes point. And again towards the end. It is frankly spine-chilling. The younger guests are not so apocalyptic as her, but none of them disagree with her either. There is also rather lovely woman speaking, but I got distracted from her wise words by her beauty. Her name is Maria Zolkina.

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