UK Department of Defense recognizes Russia as the biggest threat to European security

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace presented a strategy for the modernization of the country’s armed forces ( .pdf ), where he also mentioned the threat from Russia.

“Russia continues to pose the largest nuclear, military and hybrid threat to European security. The modernization of the Russian armed forces, the ability to integrate in all state activities and an increased passion for risk make Russia a skillful and unpredictable player, ”the document says.

The strategy mentions that Russia is investing in a submarine combat fleet, deep-sea equipment that can damage bottom communication cables, as well as in the creation of torpedoes capable of delivering a nuclear warhead to enemy shores.

Also, the UK Department of Defense believes that Russia can deliver accurate strikes at a great distance, which deprives the UK and its allies of “freedom of action with the help of an integrated air defense system.” With this, Russia threatens the ability of Great Britain to “maintain strength and protect interests in Europe, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East,” the strategy says.

Also, the British authorities are worried about Russia’s readiness to use chemical or biological weapons, including in the UK .

(c)MEDUZA 2021

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