Roman Abramovich has filed a lawsuit against the publisher of the book “Putin’s People”. Allegations that he bought Chelsea on orders from the Kremlin

Russian billionaire owner of London’s Chelsea football club Roman Abramovich has filed a lawsuit against HarperCollins in England over the 2020 Putin People book. According to the Financial Times, the lawsuit was also filed against the author of the book, the former Moscow correspondent of this publication, Catherine Belton.

The lawsuit was filed because of false and defamatory statements made in the book “Putin’s People”, according to the law firm Harbottle & Lewis LLP, representing the interests of Abramovich. The statement was posted on the Chelsea Club website.

“The book falsely claims that our client acted in a corrupt manner and falsely claims our client’s purchase of Chelsea Football Club and its activities. Such allegations are absolutely unacceptable and unfounded, ”said Abramovich’s lawyers.

According to the FT, in the book “Putin’s People” there is a statement by banker Sergei Pugachev , who claims that Roman Abramovich bought the Chelsea club in 2003 on the personal instructions of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Roman Abramovich, commenting on the lawsuit, said that he went to court when “it became clear that the false accusations in this book have a detrimental effect not only on my personal reputation, but also on the activities of Chelsea football club.” The businessman noted that his representatives tried to negotiate with the publishing house HarperCollins to avoid litigation, but “the publisher did not correct the false statements in the book.”

Chelsea Football Club, whose website published Abramovich’s statement, declined to comment. “The club and its employees are proud of many achievements under the leadership of Mr. Abramovich,” the team said in a statement.

Roman Abramovich in 2020  took  10th place in the ranking of the richest businessmen in Russia according to Forbes. Then the magazine estimated his fortune at $ 11.3 billion. In the ranking of the richest people on the planet  Real Time Billionaires , which Forbes compiles in real time, Abramovich ranks 143rd with a fortune of $ 14.3 billion. Bloomberg in its ranking estimates his fortune at $ 17.8 billion.

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