PM Shmyhal: Ukraine aspires to join EU in next 5-10 years

PM Shmyhal: Ukraine aspires to join EU in next 5-10 years

22.03.2021 15:50

Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal has stated that Ukraine aspires to become a member of the European Union in the next 5 to10 years.

“We aspire to become a EU member in the next 5 to10 years. Of course, this also depends on 27 other countries, not only us. The same concerns NATO. Ukraine aspires to join the North Atlantic Alliance. We are already working very closely with NATO. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg’s statements that ‘NATO’s door remains open for Ukraine’ strongly testify to this,” Shmyhal said in an interview with the Handelsblatt German newspaper.

Shmyhal notes that he does not see any fundamental obstacles. “There are two reasons why we are still not in the EU. We are still working to reach the European standards, but we are confident that we will make significant progress, not least through digitalisation. Second, there are countries in the EU that are skeptical about its further enlargement,” the Prime Minister stressed.

He is convinced that Ukraine is ready to become a EU member and wants to do so as soon as possible.

As reported, the Ukrainian delegation led by Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal made a working visit to Dusseldorf and Berlin (Federal Republic of Germany) on March 18-19, 2021.

During the visit, several working meetings with high-ranking German officials were held.

The Ukrainian delegation also took part in the 4th German-Ukrainian Business Forum.



  1. Being an EU member can have advantages. But, it can also bring disadvantages with it. All-in-all, I recommend the country not to become an EU member.

    • For a poor country it is an advantage. The EU is of course a shitty socialist-imperialist construct, but Ukraine would definitely benefit from immediate membership, as it would receive far more than it would have to put in.

      • Creating economic pacts on its own will benefit Ukraine more on the long run without being inundated by EU bureaucracy, rules and regulations and being forced to absorb some of Merkel’s third-world invaders. And, when Ukraine’s economy grows to a certain size, it won’t have to pay for other, perpetual poor EU members. Aren’t these some of the reasons why Britain opted to leave?

        • Britain was always a terrible fit! The EU is a club designed for Franco-German domination of Europe! We British have nothing in common with them, as they hate us and hate America more. It’s a protectionist socialist-based bloc.
          As a successful country we always paid far more into it than we took out. It was a fucking albatross around our necks. Hopefully we will build future partnerships with our foul weather friends.
          BUT: Ukraine is very poor and therefore will be a net beneficiary for many years. Take Poland: a total basket-case after the horror of Russian occupation and thieving. Yet it is a thriving economy after joining in 2004. It’s current govt has refused to take Merkel’s muzloids. It’s economy was the same size as Ukraine and it was choking with corruption and graft. It is now many times that of Ukraine. All the countries that joined at the same time as Poland have done tremendously well. Ukraine would be crazy not to join.
          ‘Poland joined the EU on May 1, 2004, together with nine other countries – Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Slovakia and Slovenia. This was the largest enlargement in the history of the EU. Official accession negotiations were launched on March 31, 1998, and completed on December 13, 2002.’
          Every single one of those countries have benefited tremendously.
          The only alternative is my own pet project, which unfortunately shows no signs of coming to fruition. Namely a new trade, military and intel-sharing bloc consisting only of countries that will fight Russia on all fronts : agitprop, trade, cyber and if it came to it: hot war.
          The core would be the Five Eyes, plus Poland, Pribaltika, Ukraine, Georgia, Japan, South Korea, Chile, Portugal. I would want India to join too, but only if they sever all links with putlerstan.

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