Imagine living in peace in your happy home for many years.

By Egbert Spang

Then a new neighbour moves in next door. You warmly welcome him to the neighbourhood. Suddenly, your belongings start to go missing. You raise this matter with him and he angrily denies knowing anything about it. Then you find he has been telling lies about you to the neighbours. Then he starts stealing more and more things; more expensive ones this time.

You ask the neighbours to help you get them back. But you find that they either don’t want to know or surprisingly are actually quite well disposed to him. You find out later that some of them are scared of your neighbour and some have been rewarded with some of the plunder thieved from your home.

You start to realise that you will get no help from them and you are totally on your own. You confront him again, but unfortunately you come out worse in the fight, as he is much bigger than you. You report this assault to the police, but they say that as you are both equally to blame, there’s nothing they can do about it. They suggest that you should stop provoking him.

Later you find that your neighbour is suing you for the damage done to his shoes while he was kicking your head. You confront him again. This time he murders your entire family and burns your house down.

He informs you that he now owns your land and is building houses on it for all his friends.

Your neighbours visit you in hospital and say ‘don’t worry, we’ve written a strongly-worded letter to him’. So that’s all right then.

To be continued…..


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