Column of Russian tanks drives through streets of occupied Horlivka (VIDEO)

Eyewitnesses have shown the movement of a column of Russian tanks on the occupied territory of Donetsk oblast on Saturday, March 20. This is reported on social networks.

The video from occupied Horlivka shows six tanks. People in the comments write that “the equipment is moving along the Horlivska Division street in the direction of Yenakiieve or the chemical factory (the direction is the same from the shooting location)”, and possibly, – in the direction of Debaltseve.

The users also mark terrible road in the city. “The roads in Horlivka are potholed… there, probably, no cars drive, only a tank”.

Separatist segment of social networks also writes about military aid from the Russian Federation: “We were not abandoned! Hurray! Numerous tank and assault teams have entered Horlovka! The help has come!”

“Our equipment is leaving the storage bases en masse and going to the front line to repel the impending Ukrainian attack. Our tank units are taking up combat positions in Horlivka”, – local “military correspondents” report.

(C)OSTROV 2021


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