Russia’s odious legislator suggests Russia attack Ukraine “without declaring war”

LDPR leader urges the Kremlin to take a tougher stance towards Kyiv.Photo from UNIAN, Volodymyr HontarPhoto from UNIAN, Volodymyr Hontar

LDPR party leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, known for his bizarre and aggressive stunts in the political arena, recently repeated a fake narrative widely disseminated by Russian propaganda pundits about the alleged plot by Ukraine forces to soon resort to some kind of military provocation in Donbas.

Zhirinovsky suggested that Russia “strike all of Ukraine’s Armed Forces so that not a single soldier or officer is left alive,” which would resolve the issue of a possible provocation, as per

According to Zhirinovsky, Russia should attack Ukraine “without declaring war.”

He added that Moscow needs to take a tougher stance towards Kyiv.

In an unsubstantiated claim, Zhirinovsky went on to say that the attack on Ukraine would be justified by “the deaths of 15,000 Russians in Donbas” as well as Russian citizens allegedly being “held in the SBU [security service] dungeons across Ukraine.”

Zhirinovsky case in Ukraine

Kyiv’s Shevchenkivsky district court greenlighted a special pretrial probe as part of criminal proceedings against Zhirinovsky and two Russian State Duma members suspected of financing terrorism in Ukraine.

According to the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine, Zhirinovsky created and headed an organized group in Moscow in March-April 2014 with the aim of providing material support to two Russia-controlled terrorist organizations, the “Luhansk People’s Republic” (“LPR”) and the “Donetsk People’s Republic” (“DPR”).

The group included certain members of Russia’s State Duma and members of the Liberal Democratic Party, in particular, heads and representatives of the party’s regional branches, who raised funds from Russian citizens for sponsoring terrorism.

In addition, the aforementioned persons concluded an agreement for the “DPR” to use premises in Moscow for their representative activities.

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  1. Yet another loony from the asylum that needs a strait jacket. You have been trying for seven years to kill the Ukrainian military, did you never count the cargo 200 as the scum where tossed in a ditch, on arrival back to the swamp?

    • Russia should attack Ukraine “without declaring war.”

      Haven’t they already done that two times, Crimea and Donbas

  2. The most evil ruler in the world incredibly has someone even more evil on the sidelines whose job it is to state publicly the same shit that the rodent comes up with in his private rants.

  3. This piece of shit is obviously frustrated that he and his filthy goons get their spanking from Ukrainian forces on a regular basis and this for seven years with no end in sight. No, watching your goons be put into body bags (often what’s left of them) and shipped back to mafia land is not easy. Finding new morons willing to die too.

    • He is obviously sending illegal PMC’s into the Ukrainian meat grinder and then uses this inflammatory bullshit to try to get the main zit to agree with him. If he was a real leader he would enter the Ukrainian meat grinder himself.

      • That’s a part of his frustration; he is neither a real leader nor a real man. Sending others to the cold, and heat, and dust, and mud, and hunger, and thirst, and injury, and to their deaths is so much easier.

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