Russian Ambassador: Political relations between Moscow and London are ‘virtually dead’

Russia and the UK continue to cooperate on economic and cultural issues, but political relations between the countries are “virtually dead”, said Russian Ambassador to London Andrey Kelin in an interview with the British radio station LBC London, TASS reports.

Висадка на задньому дворі РФ: чи була така заява зі сторони Великої  Британії на адресу України | UA.NEWS

According to Kelin, the UK has chosen a “hostile course” towards Russia, which “does not find understanding” on the Russian side.

London’s discontent is largely due to violation of human rights in Russia.

Kelin also added that the British authorities are not committed to political dialogue with Russia.

Published on March 16, the Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy of the United Kingdom states that the country intends to increase its nuclear capability by about 40%, bringing the total number of warheads to 260, as well as making the country a significant player in space, strengthening cybersecurity, fighting “malicious activity in cyberspace”, creating a new operational center to combat terrorism, and introducing a new global sanctions regime against individuals who, according to London, are implicated in corruption.

Russia is described in the document as the most acute threat to the security of the United Kingdom. London is concerned with the growth of Russian military capabilities and the significant investment by Russia and China in “information operations” and “demonstration of global cultural influence.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called the document “the most profound review of the country’s defense strategy since the Cold War.”

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  • There are now way more roosky spies in London than there ever were during the Cold War. British authorities need to understand and accept the fact that the Cold War re-started in 2003; the year that the ex(?) Trot Tony Blair invited the rodent to stay in Buckingham Palace.

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  • What about the relations between Russian oligarchs and London banks?

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  • onlyfactsplease

    “According to Kelin, the UK has chosen a “hostile course” towards Russia, which “does not find understanding” on the Russian side.”
    The Ruskie side is chock full of morons with shit-for-brains. That’s why Ruskies can’t find understanding when they face hostility even though they act aggressively in numerous ways.

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    • Those morons still think it’s 1945 and a large part of the world is up for grabs. That’s why they see hostility everywhere they go because they think everything is theirs and don’t understand the resistance. The morons travel to foreign places and pack up everything in the hotel room and also think the same thing, “What’s your problem? It was in the room!”

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