Ukraine might not last


Ukraine is fighting against an invasion by a neighboring superpower – Russia – for more than seven years. 14.000 people were confirmed killed so far, about 2 million people became internal refugees.

Ukraine has an annual military budget of $5.4 billion, whereas Russia has a military budget of $65.1 billion. Yet the US military aid is an annual $500 million.

Considering Ukraine has virtually no air force or navy, the support is almost zero.

To deter the enemy effectively Ukraine would need an annual military aid of $4.5 billion, or a total annual military budget of $10 billion.

The support from the West won’t save Ukraine in case of further Russian aggression, and Nato won’t intervene in Ukraine’s favor.

This brings Ukraine’s government into a dangerous situation. Ukraine needs to be tough on Russia without any military capabilities to deter a large scale military aggression.

Biden’s and Blinken’s tough talk is not backed by a strong US-Ukraine military alliance, other than in case of Japan or South Korea. Therefore it is overdue to fix this as soon as possible. Liberty is not cheap, and liberating is even more costly. It is time the land of the free will reconsider its half-assed strategy in Ukraine before it’s too late. In the long run Ukraine might not last.

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  1. Biden’s puppeteers have no intention of giving substantial help to Ukraine. Putin has also stated that he will attack Ukraine if they join NATO. There is no chance that Europe will help if that happens as they are too taken with their own political problem, which is almost entirely their own re-election.

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