Russian arrested in the us admitted to preparing a cyberattack on the Tesla plant

Russian citizen Yegor Kryuchkov, detained by American law enforcement officers on suspicion of preparing a cyberattack on the Tesla plant, pleaded guilty.

This was reported by the US Department of Justice.

In the message of the department, the name of the plant, which was supposed to become a victim of the attack, was not specified, however, Elon Musk previously wrote that it was his company that was in question.

According to 27-year-old Kryuchkov, he arrived in the United States to persuade one of Tesla employees to inject malicious software into its computer network in Nevada.Read also: In hospitals, prisons and the Tesla factory. Hackers gained access to records of 150 thousand security cameras – Bloomberg

The Russian citizen is expected to be sentenced on May 10.

Kryuchkov was detained in Los Angeles in August 2020. He planned to pay a Tesla employee a million dollars in bitcoins, but he decided to contact the FBI.Editor: Oleg Kononenko

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  • The question is, who is behind this attempt to attack Tesla, wouldn’t be Russia would it? Maybe a long stretch in a nice US prison will loosen the tongue of this guy. Of course Russia will deny everything as usual, it’s quite common for Russian citizens to have a million dollars floating around.

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