Merkel: Ukraine is a country worth investing in

Merkel: Ukraine is a country worth investing in

19.03.2021 15:21

Germany sees Ukraine as an important trading partner with huge economic potential and as a country worth investing in.

“Ukraine is an important trading partner and it is also a place into which you should channel your investments. We appreciate it. Two thousand German companies and their representative offices actively work in Ukraine now,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel said at the opening of the 4th German-Ukrainian Business Forum in Berlin on Friday, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

In her speech, Angela Merkel welcomed the laws passed in Ukraine, which “give investors more guarantees and protect their investments.”

According to the German Chancellor, Ukraine has “a huge economic potential.” “Ukraine has highly qualified personnel in the industrial sphere, primarily in mechanical engineering and aircraft construction, as well as in the agricultural sector. IT also plays an increasing role,” Merkel said.

She noted that the trade turnover between Germany and Ukraine had grown to EUR 7.7 billion in 2019. Last year, the coronavirus pandemic “thwarted plans significantly”, but the German Chancellor is convinced that the countries will gather momentum in the future “thanks to progress with vaccination.”

Pointing out the progress in the implementation of reforms in Ukraine, Merkel noted that “some steps still need to be taken”, in particular regarding fight against corruption, judiciary, land market.

As reported, the 4th German-Ukrainian Business Forum with the participation of the heads of governments of both countries kicked off on Friday. Politicians and business leaders will discuss prospects for cooperation in four panels: digitalization, energy and Green Deal, food processing and agriculture, logistics and infrastructure.



  1. Yet the corpulent stasi quisling wants to wreck Ukraine and make Europe dependent on putinazi gas.

    • Inconsistency is her middle name. Germany has long had a problem with Russia. It goes back to Fredrick The Great.

  2. Ukraine only became an important trading partner with huge economic potential, when the US threatened to block Nord Stream. Merkel is trying to blackmail Ukraine over this pipeline, and attempt to get the US not to put an end to Putin’s geopolitical weapon.

  3. The fat Muslima speaks with a forked tongue. Wise Germans do not believe a syllable this ex-Stasi whore says.

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