The EU Court wants to make a decision restricting the pumping of gas bypassing Ukraine

The Advocate General recommended that the EU Court reject Germany’s appeal against the decision to restrict Gazprom’s use of the OPAL gas pipeline.

It is reported by “Evropeyskaya Pravda”.

“According to General Counsel Manuel Campos Sanchez-Bordoni, the principle of energy solidarity can be used to test the legitimacy of EU institutions in energy-related matters.READ ALSOGazprom is deprived of its special status: what consequences will the court decision on OPAL have

An appeal filed by Germany against the General Court decision , which overturned the 2016 European Commission’s decision to change the conditions for access to the OPAL pipeline, should be dismissed, “the court said in a press release outlining the lawyer general’s decision.

The opinion of Advocate General before the EU Court of Justice is not a final decision, but usually the Court confirms it.

The European Commission’s decision of October 28, 2016 allowed Russia’s Gazprom to supply more gas through the OPAL pipeline, which connects its Nord Stream gas pipeline with Germany. It allowed Gazprom to fully utilize Nord Stream to supply gas to Germany and the Czech Republic. Before that, the Russians used half of the pipeline’s capacity.READ ALSOGermany appeals against OPAL decision – EU Court of Justice

Should the EU Court of Justice reject Germany’s appeal, it would be a great victory for Poland, whose government appealed the European Commission’s decision to the EU Court of Justice in December 2016.

Poland believes that the decision of the European Commission leads to concentration in the same hands of sources and means of gas supply, which “contradicts the principle of diversification of sources, supply routes and risk management of obstacles or interruption of gas supplies.”

OPAL is 80% owned by WIGA, a joint venture between Gazprom and Wintershall, and the rest is owned by a subsidiary of the German concern Uniper.


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  • onlyfactsplease

    I don’t trust the Europeans doing the right thing. But, I rather put trust in our Congress. Slamming the appropriate sanctions on all the culprits will simply kill NSII for good and thus will also kill any Ruskie or European measures in this regard.

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