Russia recalls envoy after Biden remarks about Putin

Russia has recalled its Washington ambassador for talks to prevent the “irreversible deterioration” of relations with the US.

The Russian government said Anatoly Antonov had been called back to Moscow as US ties had reached a “blind alley”.

The move came after President Joe Biden said Vladimir Putin would “pay the price” for alleged election meddling.

In an interview with ABC News, Mr Biden confirmed he thought the Russian president was “a killer”.

Mr Biden had been commenting on an American intelligence report that suggested Mr Putin had authorised an interference campaign in last November’s presidential election in the US.

The report accused Russia of trying to sway the election in favour of former Republican President Donald Trump, who was defeated by Mr Biden, a Democrat.

Mr Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said the accusations were not backed by evidence and would further harm bilateral ties.

The US is expected to impose sanctions on Russia as soon as next week over the report’s conclusions.

What did Russia’s foreign ministry say?

“Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov has been summoned to Moscow for consultations in order to analyse what needs to be done in the context of relations with the United States,” it said in a statement.

Russia, it added, was interested in “preventing an irreversible deterioration in relations”.

“The most important thing for us is to identify ways of rectifying Russia-US relations, which have been going through hard times as Washington has, as a matter of fact, brought them to a blind alley,” it said.

What did President Biden say?

Mr Biden told ABC he had warned Mr Putin about a potential response to alleged election meddling during a call in late January.

“He will pay a price,” Mr Biden said in the interview, broadcast on Wednesday.

EXCLUSIVE: Pres. Biden told @GStephanopoulos that he agreed Russian President Vladimir Putin is a “killer” and will “pay a price” for interfering in U.S. elections.— Good Morning America (@GMA) March 17, 2021

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Asked what the consequences would be, he said: “You’ll see shortly.”

When asked if he thought Mr Putin was “a killer”, President Biden said “I do”.

In a later news conference, White House spokesperson Jen Psaki said relations between Russia and the US would be different than under the Trump presidency.

“Certainly the Russians will be held accountable for the action they’ve taken,” Ms Psaki told reporters.

What did the US intelligence report say?

The 15-page report, released on Tuesday by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, outlined what it said were “influence operations” pushed by Russia as well as Iran.

It said Russian-linked individuals had spread unsubstantiated claims about President Biden ahead of the 3 November election.

image captionUS intelligence concluded in 2016 that Russia was behind an effort to undermine Hillary Clinton’s presidential run against Mr Trump

It also said a disinformation campaign had sought to undermine confidence in the broader election process.

According to the US report, some people connected to Russian intelligence also pushed anti-Biden narratives to media outlets, senior officials and allies of Mr Trump.

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  1. “Mr Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said the accusations were not backed by evidence and would further harm bilateral ties.”

    You reap what you sow Peskov. Now it’s payback time, and you can whine all you want, it won’t change anything. I just hope the sanctions will hurt your mafia chums, especially their bank accounts.

  2. The putinazis went with their man and the Chicoms went with theirs, which probably cancelled each other out. The real winner was mail-in voting and ballot harvesting. With millions more passports about to be handed out to third worlders, it’s difficult to see how the GOP can recover.
    Unless Joe brings in fierce sanctions that force a 180° turn, there will be no effect on putlerstani foreign policy.

    • Let’s hope it’s not just another slap on the wrist. Recalling their ambassador is just grandstanding for the uninitiated, poor Russia being picked on again.

      • The DM ran this story. Literally thousands of paid kremtrolls have hit the comments, but also many trumpoids. Thanks to people like Tucker Carlson, who licks the tiny poisoner’s tiny jackboots even more than Trump, they see an attack on putler as an attack on Trumpkov. Incredible but true.

        • The intelligence report linked in the article says Trump was targetted mainly by Iran, but knowing how Putin works, he would attack both sides causing as much damage as possible.

        • “Thanks to people like Tucker Carlson, who licks the tiny poisoner’s tiny jackboots even more than Trump,….”

          You need to get out of Scandinavia. It’s causing you to become psychotic.

          • I don’t suffer from that illness. Neither do I come from Scandinavia. Carlson is an agent of influence for the tiny poisoner. He likes him almost as much as you do. He has openly stated on air that he is rooting for Russia in its war against Ukraine. That will make you an even bigger fan of the cunt won’t it?
            You are one nasty, malignant little piece of work. Accusing others of your own affliction is straight out of the kremtroll playbook.

  3. Whoever is running the show, it’s not Biden. The real aim of this is to destroy the GOP, not Putin. The Deep State wants a one party dictatorship, wants GOP to never rule again. The shot did not come from Biden, but from ABC. Biden was just doped enough to follow the path that was shown to him by ABC. Awful.

      • Sanctioning for what? Ukraine? Georgia? Navalny? For allegedly meddling in the elections in favor of Trump/GOP. That is what this is about, not Putin. The message is to suggest Trump/GOP are supported by Putin, an enemy. It’s another dirty game after failed impeachments, ANTIFA, Twitter suspensions and rigged vote-counting. The message is that GOP are a RuSSia-sponsored enemy of America.

          • I don’t need to talk to a wall for hours now. It’s all fine with me. Biden could (maybe) be useful to Ukraine, for the US and our future he will be a complete desaster. Some people (not you, but the average lefties) love living in shitholes full of rapists, gangsters, drugs, violence, corruption, censorship and low education. So, in a world where drugs, movies, child-porn, abuse and game consoles dominate, there is no need for right-wingers or a real society of values no more. That’s a leftist universe forever now. I don’t care no more. I only hope Ukraine will benefit from our downefall.

          • As was known then, the “intelligence agencies” were lying. Given they are part of the globalist uniparty, they hated Trump from the beginning and have adopted the “by any means necessary” to reach their goals.

  4. Our relationship will look different. We will be direct, we will speak out on areas where we have concerns, and . . . certainly Russia will be held accountable for the actions that they have taken,” Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, told reporters on Wednesday. “We will have more on that soon.”

  5. It would be nice and it is long overdue for the tiny bastard to finally pay the price for his killings, territorial thefts, war-mongering, general theft and expanding Ruskie organized crime across mafia land like a Kraken.

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