“Interlocutor” spoke about another alleged residence of Putin There is a personal cable car, a piano like Nicholas II and a rubbish basket for 76 thousand rubles

The publication “Interlocutor” told about the expensive finishing materials, furniture and interior items in the chalet “Achips” near the Krasnaya Polyana resort in the Krasnodar Territory. This chalet was called one of the residences of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In 2014, journalist and blogger Andrei Malgin spoke about this object , having previously shown a photo of the alleged residence of Dmitry Medvedev, at that time the Prime Minister of Russia. According to Malgin, Medvedev’s residence was located near Krasnaya Polyana and according to the documents was called the Psekhako reception house for official guests. The journalist’s source said that its construction was paid for by the Dar Foundation, known for the investigation of the politician Alexei Navalny, “He’s not Dimon,” about Medvedev’s residences.


Malgin’s source also claimed that the Achipse chalet is located not far from Psekhako . Like “Psekhako”, in the documents it is referred to as a reception house for official guests; like Psekhako, it was built by Rosengineering. According to “Interlocutor”, the same firm was responsible for the construction of the ski resort “Igora”, which is owned by Svetlana Krivonogikh – the mother of Putin’s alleged third daughter Luisa Rozova.

The construction of the Achipse chalet was financed by Gazprom; he is also the official owner of the object. According to the state contracts referred to by “Interlocutor”, two organizations are engaged in servicing “Achipse”. One of them is Gazprom Sotsinvest, which sold three hectares of land in the Moscow region to the former gymnast Alina Kabaeva (she was credited with a relationship with Putin). The second is Svod International, which manages elite cottages in Krasnaya Polyana, among the tenants of which are the mother of Alina Kabaeva and the son of the head of the Russian Guard, Viktor Zolotov.

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  1. The rubbish bin that cost 76k was made from 100,000 rubles formed around another bin and held together with glue much in the same way as one would construct a Papier Mache model.
    It was then stuffed with another 500,000 rubles to achieve the final worth.

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